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  • Keeping The Maiden Name After Marriage
    By: admin | In: Arrange Marriage |Last Updated: 2017-01-20

    Indian women have always had two identities! No, don’t get that in the wrong way. What’s being talked about here is nothing more than their names. They’ve shared two identities because of their names. If you have also grown up in one of the typical households of India then changing of name a...

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  • Indian Wedding Industry: Some Financial Facts
    By: admin | In: Bridal Tips |Last Updated: 2016-12-13

    “Gali Janardhan Reddy spends Rs 500 crores on his daughter’s wedding”

    Woke up to these newspaper headlines on the morning of 14th November… A week after the demonetization move by PM Modi, the only question that surfaced in my mind was how Mr. Reddy managed to get the finances. Indian...

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