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Marriage Counselling

  • Why Go For Premarital Counseling
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Marriage Counselling |Last Updated: 2013-09-20

    Divorce rates are growing higher day by day. The institution of marriage is losing its credible essence. People are living their lives at a very fast pace. They don't have much time and generally they take decisions in haste without spending sufficient time on critical matters. In such circu...

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  • Pre-Marriage Counselling
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Marriage Counselling |Last Updated: 2010-06-25

    Why most of the marriages end up as a quarrelsome affair? This is because the couple before tying the knot are so excited that they overlook various integral points. The most neglected one is the pre-marriage counselling.?

    Marriage is a lifelong bond and not a social contract that a person...

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