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Married Life

  • 6 Sure-Shot Ways To Find Happiness In Marriage
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2017-02-13

    "In a marriage, there is no such thing as one winning and one losing. Either both will win or both will lose. It’s an either/or proportion. You can choose to be right or choose to be happy; but rarely both."

    ~Fawn Weaver

    Going by the wise words of Miss. Weaver who is the founder of Happy...

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  • Solo Wedding: The Latest Trend For Single Women
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2016-12-13

    Are you in love with yourself? Would you like to marry no one else but your own self? How about getting some amazing pictures of you in a stunning wedding gown; with the perfect hair and flawless makeup? Would you believe if we told you that this is possible with the emerging concept of so...

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  • From A Twisted-Marriage To A Trusting-Marriage
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2016-10-18

    Marriage is meant to be a very supportive and loving relationship, but it sometimes gets twisted into turmoil. Have you ever wondered why a marriage fails? What can be the possible reasons? Sometimes neither of the spouses is at fault; it is misunderstandings or lack of communication that ...

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  • 10 Signs That You're Ready For Marriage
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2015-01-22

    Have you reached the stage in life where you think that you are ready to get married? Do you have the maturity level to share your life with another person? Are you ready to handle all the responsibilities that come along with marriage? You must think about all such questions that arise in y...

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  • Some Reasons Why Marriages Fail
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2013-12-13

    Many people believe that Happily-ever-after only happens in fairy tales, or movies for that matter. But many others who are in long term successful marital relationships beg to differ. Successful marriages do exist and happily married couples are not just a fable. Marriage counselors have in...

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  • Tips on Interracial Marriage
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2013-11-15

    Interracial Marriages not only increase the chances of finding the right soulmate but also help one to know about different cultures and traditions. No doubt that society is becoming very open about their children, peers or relatives choosing a life partner that belongs to some other race, r...

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  • Why Go For Premarital Counseling
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2013-09-20

    Divorce rates are growing higher day by day. The institution of marriage is losing its credible essence. People are living their lives at a very fast pace. They don't have much time and generally they take decisions in haste without spending sufficient time on critical matters. In such circu...

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  • Keys To A Successful Marriage
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2016-12-12

    Rather than being a norm, successful marriages are an exception today. Everywhere you see there is either a marriage breaking up or one on the verge of collapsing. Is it so difficult to sustain a marriage? Are the people who have a loving relationship with their spouses despite years of ...

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  • How To Control Weight Gain After Marriage
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Married Life |Last Updated: 2013-03-26

    Gaining weight after marriage is such a common occurrence that we almost end up expecting every newly married couple to fatten up. Some of the popular idioms in fact try to convince that a protruding belly is a sign of a happy marriage! Unfortunately the ones with health issues arising due t...

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