Wedding Day is the most special and memorable day in any individual's life. Not only the wedding day; all the functions before and after the ceremony hold a special place in the memories for the times to come. Wedding Reception is the most important function after the wedding has taken place. It is the day when you have the time to actually meet your friends and relatives as the wedding day is very hectic for the bride and groom might. So the wedding reception should be planned most carefully and all the precautions should be taken to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Here are the common mistakes that people make during the wedding reception and also the tips to avoid them.

  • The first thing to be kept in mind is the time of your arrival as well as for leaving the venue. Don't arrive after the guests have come as it gives a very bad impression. You must not keep the people waiting who have come to join you in the celebrations.
  • One must also take care of not leaving the venue early. Give proper farewell to all your guests with a vote of thanks.
  • Another common mistake made by most people is last minute preparation. Be it regarding the food menu, caterers, dresses or decoration, all preparations should be done beforehand. You must fix the caterers and vendors and settle the expenses with them. Give them the time to make all the preparations before the function starts and it is best to personally supervise all the arrangements.
  • Preplan with your vendors a day or two before the wedding. Make sure all your wedding reception vendors know exactly what you want. Clarify times and location so that no confusion or delays occur.
  • People often get heavily drunk on receptions, thinking of it as just a party. This is a horrible mistake which you will surely remember for your lifetime. It is better to drink with moderation or not drink at all rather than becoming a laughing stock at your own reception with your obnoxious activities.
  • People make the very common mistake of not making provisions for the untimely rains. It is very wrong to think that it can never rain on a particular day and thus it is better to make provisions for rain beforehand, especially if the venue is an open area.
  • Don't make the mistake of booking any random photographer or videographer for your reception as the photos are the only source that will capture the memories forever.
  • Selection of music is an important task. Don't go for a particular type of music as your guest list will be diverse and you should keep in mind the taste and preferences of all your guests, so don't bore them by playing the same type of music again and again.
  • Make sure to start the food line in time as you would not like your guests to be on an empty stomach for a long time.
  • People often have no idea about the allowed overtime at the venue and the prices to pay for this. You must always know in advance about the venue overtime charges.

    A wedding reception may be a personal affair but is requires some formal preparation to make it a success. Such a careful and well thought planning can surely help your wedding reception in becoming a bundle of moments to be cherished forever.