Love isn’t always the warm fuzzies, and the wide smiles; sometimes it is a journey through a long dark tunnel, with the hope of light at the end. It is not always a vacation to your favorite getaway, at times love becomes that traffic jam at the peak hours, you cannot choose to avoid. It’s never all honey and roses when it comes to love; therefore you need to find someone who is not afraid to deal with the thorns. Nobody said, happily ever after was supposed to be easy, but the support and affection of someone who always have your back, can make the way seem less intimidating. Spending the rest of your life with the same person isn’t very easy, but if your partner excels at these three parameters, then even a lifetime will seem less.

Find A Friend In Your Partner : The bond of matrimony embraced by the firm support of friendship is what everyone should seek for, in their quest to finding a partner for life. A lifetime isn't a short period, but spending it with a true friend will make the make the journey fun, and easy. While looking for your soul mate, look for the qualities that will make that person a good companion, before anything else. A friend will kiss away your sudden blues, and tell you what you're lacking in. moreover, he/she will support, and hold your hands while you try to change yourself for better.

Ask Yourself - Does It Feel Like Home? So, you're seeing each other from a very long time and planning to tie the knot; now ask yourself, does this person make you feel like you are home? A place you reach at the end of everything, and leave with a heavy heart. A place which brings out the 'true you', and makes you come back again, because you don't know where else to go. Comfort is the key if you want a healthy relation with your life partner. While looking for a partner don't go for the person, who makes you feel weak in the knees, find someone against with whom you can stand without a trace of doubt, or anxiety.

A Promise To Never Give Up : Smile and frowns are the two seasons of life, there will be times, when your relation will go through a bad phase; therefore, you need a partner who stands by your side no matter what. A commitment to take life as it is, with a promise to never give up drives the relation forward. A true soul mate will always have your back; he/she will never give up on you any matter how crucial the situation may seem. While looking for a partner, choose the one who will always pick commitment over convenience, and encourages you to do the same.

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There is a never ending list of the qualities that one should look for in their potential partner, but the above-listed qualities will help you finding a better 'person' who will never leave your side. They say live is a gamble, and you cannot choose whom you fall for, but finding a person who possess these three traits would make the journey of love, a bed of roses.