5 Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas For The Daring Couples

Talk of weddings and all that comes to the mind is beauty, flowers, church, lovely dresses, and other cliched things. For the couples who find these things a commonplace at the wedding, there are various unique wedding themes and ideas coming up. One such idea is to say the vows on the scariest day of the year in the spookiest manner. Yes, we are talking about the eerie Halloween theme for your wedding. By using carved pumpkins, thorny vines, large cobwebs, inky hues, creepy centerpieces, and other spooky items in your wedding decor, you can give the perfect Halloween touch to your wedding.

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With the growing popularity of Halloween theme for the wedding, many Halloween wedding ideas have been used by the unconventional couples. While rustic or modern Halloween wedding is a great idea for those who want subtle scary effects, vintage or classic Halloween wedding ideas would be great for those who are willing to take the Halloween theme to the next level. And for the couples who dare to go overboard with the Halloween theme, the scary Halloween wedding idea is best to give nightmares to their guests. In this blog, we have explained to you the different Halloween wedding ideas to give a spooky touch to your D-day.

  • Classic Halloween Wedding : For a classic Halloween wedding, set a classy color palette for your D-day consisting of spooky colors like black, white, grey etc. An orange and black color scheme would be best for the attire of the groom while the bride can go for a black wedding gown. Grey or white-black combination for the bridesmaid would be a great idea to set a classic Halloween mood. The Gothic setting for the wedding can be completed using pumpkins as centerpieces, black flower bouquets, and scary skulls for decoration.
  • Vintage Halloween Wedding : The bride in a vintage wedding dress in hues of red & black and the groom in an old-style suit, both completing the look with a black hat will set the right ambiance for a vintage Halloween wedding. The decor for the venue can include zombie clowns, orange colored owls, vintage furniture covered with carved pumpkins, eerie candles or lamps, and old skulls. Witch hats can be hanged from the ceiling to give an unnerving vintage look to the entire place. Use of old and faded tables can be used for the candy buffet.
  • Modern Halloween Wedding : A modern Halloween does not require the orange pumpkins or scary skulls; the only colors needed are black and white. The bride can dress up in a modern and elegant ruffled black or white gown while the groom can don a classic three-piece suit in black or grey. Subtle Halloween details can be used throughout the house. White painted pumpkins or black and white striped pumpkins work best for a modern Halloween wedding. Brides and grooms going for this type of marriage can treat their guests with an elegantly decorated candy buffet in black or white.
  • Rustic Halloween Wedding : Rustic wedding ideas are the best for the fall season and as Halloween falls in autumn, why not give the rustic wedding a spooky Halloween touch. The first thing to be kept in mind is the venue. It should be outdoor location, preferably countryside old house. The decor should contain little pumpkins, Halloween wreaths, signposts on old boards, burlap banners, witch hats, Halloween garlands etc. The bride and groom can dress in normal wedding attire with a gothic makeup and say their vows.
  • Scary Halloween Wedding : Halloween is not simply about orange and black, it is more about the ghosts, spiders, skeletons, and vampires. So dress up like one. Ditch the classic Halloween look and try a more spooky and scary ghost or vampire-like outfit for the wedding. An old locked-down house or better still the reminiscent of a haunted house would be the best place to scare everyone on your wedding. The decor can include dangling witch hats, Halloween hanging ghosts, large cobwebs with giant spiders, skulls with flowers as centerpieces and even the cake can be custom-made to frighten the people.

So, decide the extent to which you want to incorporate the eerie-touch to your wedding and choose the theme. The memories of your matrimonial ceremony would be etched in everyone’s hearts when the wedding is organized in such an unusual way.