Find Happiness In Marriage

"In a marriage, there is no such thing as one winning and one losing. Either both will win or both will lose. It’s an either/or proportion. You can choose to be right or choose to be happy; but rarely both." ~Fawn Weaver

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Going by the wise words of Miss. Weaver who is the founder of Happy Wives Club, there are many internal choices that one makes in his or her marriage. These choices are detrimental in making your marriage happy or sad at the same time. Whatever reasons you have for the unhappiness that’s creeping up in your relationship, never let go of your love for your partner and keep hanging on. Remember, there’s always a string of happiness that can take you out from the unhappy abyss. All you need to do is find that string that would lead you to happiness in your marriage.

Having said that, given below are some of the ways that would help you choose happiness in your marriage.

  • Learn To Love Yourself : Before we talk about ways to choose happiness in marriage, the first thing that you need to work on is self-love. Many times it so happens that you are unhappy from within and that makes the relationship bitter and sour. Remember, you need to love yourself first to make your marriage happy.
  • Ignore The Flaws : You need to focus more on the positive points rather than bickering on the negative ones. Always remember the good old days when you were head over heels in love with them and all these flaws never mattered. Be the same, incorporate the same attitude towards your partner and you will see how happy both of you will become.
  • Put In Some Efforts : Putting in efforts is an important aspect in any relationship. In Indian marriage, where you are brought together by an arranged matchmaking, these efforts demand more attention. When you decide to work hard towards your marriage, your partner would do the same and you will ultimately become happier.
  • Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations : Expecting too much from your partner can ruin your relationship. This does not mean that you stop expecting anything from them but what it does mean is that your expectations should be more realistic. Let go of any extra burden you are forcing on your partner with high expectations, this will not only make them happy but also keep you contended.
  • Recollect The Reasons For Your Initial Love : Whatever made you fall in love with your partner, remember all those reasons to fall in love with them all over again. If you are feeling unhappy in your relationship then this is the best thing to bring back your lost happiness. Once you start loving your partner like the way to did before, your lost happiness would return with the rekindled love.
  • Take Some Time Out : If all the above mentioned ways sound dull to you and you still find yourself unhappy in a marriage then try to take some time out for yourself. Leave everything behind and go on a solo trip to find your own inner happiness. Give rest to your body, mind and soul and you will find how easy it is to become happy once again in life.

These were some of the tips that would help you find happiness in your matrimonial relation. Incorporate them in your to clear out the dark and gloomy clouds of unhappiness right from the day of wedding.