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  • All You Need To Know About Arranged Marriages

    By: Palak Gupta | In: Arrange Marriage | Last Updated: 2016-11-04

    The word 'marriage' has a sacrosanct notion attached to it. The nuptial bond has been a part of the world since ancient times. It is considered to be a heavenly bond that has blessings of almighty showered on it. Whether it's a Hindu, Christian or any community's marriage, it is broadly divided into two main categories: Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

    What do you understand by arranged marriage? - It is basically a marriage that is fixed by people associated with the girl and the boy. The people who play the main and active role in the arranged marriage are the parents or the elders of the family. The participation of the boy and the girl is minimal in the fixing up of the marriage.

    How does it go about? - Elders of the family select a match and then fix a meeting. After everything is settled between the two families, date of the ceremonies is fixed. The marriage procession is celebrated with great pomp and show. Everything is conducted under the supervision of the elders and as per their will. As everything has its pros and cons, an arranged marriage also has its positive and negative aspects. From the time immemorial there has been a constant debate on the matter whether arrange marriage should be performed or not.

    Why Arranged Marriages are preferred?

    • Elder people have their years of experience so they will find a match suitable after examining even the minutest details and ensuring complete compatibility
    • Arrange marriages are considered to be more stable than love marriages
    • As marriages are believed to be the merging of two families so the chances of harmony between the two increases in arrange marriages

    Drawbacks of Arranged Marriages:

    • If the marriage is performed under the pressure of the parents it might not attain the marital bliss
    • A forced marriage ends up in fall-apart relationships
    • Couples are not able to understand each other as they do in the love marriage

    In most of the families arranged marriage is a part of their customs and values. Not adhering to it brings disgrace to the family name. Thus our write up provides you a complete idea of what an arranged marriage is along with its pros and cons.

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  • 5 thoughts on "All You Need To Know About Arranged Marriages"
    • Good interpretation. What you revealed is of much value and I feel so. Both kinds of marriage are having some advantages as well as disadvantages. It needs consideration.

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    • You present every idea in a logical manner. When it comes to love marriages, I prefer it because love is the base of love marriages. incredible post...!!!

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    • I think, love marriage and arranged marriage both are the same. It is up to the couple to manage things in their life. It has nothing to do with the kind of marriage. Thanks!

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    • The success rate of arranged marriages is far better than love marriages in India. I think, one must prefer it as it has its own beauty and depth. Good to know your ideas.

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    • Arrange marriages are generally more successful. success and failure mainly depends upon the nature of the couple. its just depends upon how much efforts they put to make it a success.

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