Marriage is lifetime affair and if you are born in a country like India, then you need to be very careful while getting married. As marriages in India are not a social contract between men and women but it also ties bond between two families. People here strongly believe Marriages are made in heaven, and families consult an astrologer for analyzing horoscope before a marriage is solemnized.

Horoscope Tradition..Believes Attached To It

  • Matching horoscope is a trend followed by the families since ancient days. Nobody knows who started it first but matching and analyzing the horoscope of boy and girl is still considered to be an important part of Indian marriages.
  • A compatible horoscope results in a harmonious relationship of two and also decides fruitful future of the family.
  • Love or Arrange, be it any marriage people get horoscope matched and analyzed in any case. An astrologer tells about pros and cons of one's married life.
  • It is the power of compatible horoscope only that one proves to be lucky for other better half. If you are married to a person with whom your horoscope is not compatible then the person has to face various problems after marriage.
  • A man or woman is known as the better half of his/her partner bringing endless benefits to their spouse's and to their own life.
  • There are 36 respective areas which are checked for horoscope compatibility. For an ideal marriage at least 18 points of boys and girls horoscope should get approved.

Following are the aspects which are checked while analyzing compatibility between Bride and Groom :

  • Promotion of Luck
  • Long life of Husband
  • Long life of Wife
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Level Of Attraction
  • Harmony in Thinking Pattern
  • Comfort and ease in a relationship
  • Strength and Duration of married life
  • Spiritual and Ego Development Of The Spouse

If a horoscope matches on above mentioned areas then the marriage bond is believed to be strongest and the couple would live happily ever after. A compatible marriage is ensured only after getting horoscope matched.