Are you planning to get married? Looking forward to having a wonderful time with your family and friends? Certainly the answer would be yes. As your marriage is the most important day in your life, be sure you make it special for yourself and for others as well. There are certain things, which you should absolutely avoid doing on your wedding reception. Some of the major ones are mentioned below. Read on.

  • Don't leave the wedding reception early. Spend adequate time with your family and friends. They have come especially to meet you and you don't want to disappoint them.
  • Make sure you have the adequate tables and chairs required at the wedding reception. Have separate tables for gifts, food, wedding cake, etc. Make sure the wedding decorators know where you want to set up the tables, chairs, the entertainment stand, etc.
  • Arrange everything with the vendors a day or two before the wedding. Make sure the wedding vendors know exactly what you want and where. It helps to avoid last minute confusions.
  • Don't arrive late for the wedding reception. It is a tradition that the guests start eating only after the Bride and the Groom have cut the cake and started eating.
  • The bride's and her family's pictures should be taken separately before the wedding. As the bride and groom cannot see each other before the wedding, have the bride go back to the dressing room. Then the groom and his family can have their pictures taken at the start of the wedding reception.
  • Don't seat people right in front of the entertainment stand as they have come to the wedding reception to socialize and meet family and friends. Seat them near the wedding party.
  • Don't have just one type of music at your wedding reception. Don't play only that music, which you personally like. People have different tastes and make sure you play a variety of songs to suit the tastes of all the guests.
  • Start your meal as early as possible as you don't want to starve your guests.
  • Ask beforehand about the extra rental for the hall if your wedding reception goes into overtime. Make these arrangements early on so as to avoid misunderstandings later.
  • Keep a smiling face and say hello to all your guests. They have come to meet you so it is important that you greet each and every guest personally. Do not avoid or ignore anyone.

    The above pointers are very important if you want your wedding to be a success. You may be the bride or the groom but it is your duty to make all the guests comfortable so that they can celebrate your wedding and enjoy the day.