When you were just-married, everything seemed rosy and exciting in life. But as the years passed by, nothing remained the same. Marital Life took an opposite turn inform of monotonous routine and there was nothing to enliven it! No doubt that you still love your partner but most of the times it seems as if the romance has left your marriage. Fortunately, the romance is right there, it is just waiting for your attention and initiative.

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Here are some tips that can bring back the lost spice in your married life.

  • Break The Routine : Keep the vibes of romance alive. Bring the element of surprise. How about making a candlelight dinner for two, leaving notes around the house, or even washing your spouse's hair?
  • Get Back Into Shape : Get a good haircut, facial, or a massage. Join a gym, go cycling, jogging, or take up yoga classes. Getting fit will also do wonders for your skin and sexual energy.
  • Show Your Care : Come home from work earlier than usual. Do things for each other, it can be anything from giving a massage after a tiring day to cooking dinner.
  • Increase The Touch Factor : Touch increases happiness and pleasure levels. Create a private and intimate atmosphere with a gentle touch, constant eye contact, a personal smile, and most importantly quick hugs.
  • Increase The Sex Factor : Go and Shop for a sexy outfit. Also, try something new in the bedroom. Don't let sex become just a task.
  • Go On A Second Honeymoon : Take some time out from your busy schedule and kids. Go on a holiday together.

After years of marriage, chances are that you have unintentionally let yourself go. Unknowingly you might have been neglecting your spouse. But always remember, it's never too late to indulge yourself in activities that can bring back the spark of romance in your married life.