The year has finally come to an end; but there’s no end to the celebrations. It’s Christmas time again; time to celebrate love. Don’t we all just love to gather with our family and friends to share this time of the year together? How we wish these celebrations could last forever!

For a married couple, every day of their marriage, which they spend with their lover, is no less than a celebration. Come Christmas and our joys and happiness reach another level. We put in all our efforts to make this time truly memorable.

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Are thinking about how to celebrate this Christmas with your spouse in a different and unique way to make it even more special? Why not take some Christmas vows and promises this festive season to strengthen the bond of love with your partner. Read on to know more about these Christmas promises.

Sacrifice The Bad Habits
When Jesus Christ could readily sacrifice his life to redeem us from our sins, why can’t we sacrifice our bad habits to lead a happy married life? Whether you are aggressive or impulsive, bad-mouthed or dishonest, decide to give up on all your bad habits to lead a better life with your spouse. This Christmas it’s you turn to promise each other that you would give-up on everything that’s hindering your relationship and welcome healthy practices. Talk to each other about your annoying habits and work on them.

Celebrate Your Love
Christmas is the time for celebrations. For a married couple, there is no better way to celebrate any moment than by professing their feelings and love in a new way. Celebrate your love, spend some time together under the mistletoe and enjoy each other’s company. Promise to love each other even when there is nothing to be loved; fall in love with each other all over again. Show your love to your partner in a way that you know would be appreciated.

Learn To Forgive
The true spirit of Christmas is in forgiving. Remember, to err is human but to forgive is divine. Whether your partner forgot to wish you on your anniversary or did not do the things as per your directions. Don’t go overboard with your anger. Forgive the bad that your partner has ever done to you and
start your life anew this Christmas.

Invest Your Time
Christmas is all about being together with the ones you love and cherishing those moments forever. Promise your better half that you would be there for each other through all the ups and downs of life. Invest your time with your partner and see your married life taking a completely different turn; a happy turn. Start by spending this Christmas together in a way you had only dreamt.

Welcome Eternal Happiness
Christmas is the time when our Mother Earth and all its inhabitants welcomed Lord Jesus. Likewise, welcome everything that’s good in your life this festive season. Be it your long-standing vacation plans or your desire to start something new; throw your insecurities about life and welcome eternal happiness. Fill your life with love and leave no place for the negatives. Be each other’s Santa and fill the life of your lover with surprising gifts.

Celebrate this Christmas with your spouse in a different way by sharing these promises. These would definitely help you lead a happily married life.

In the end, we would only say that may God’s light shine bright upon you and may you be blessed with his love this Christmas.