If, we look at the old times, marrying a person belonging to another caste was not allowed in the Indian society. People were bound to get married in the same caste and religion and if a person wanted to get married to a person of different caste, he or she was killed. Also, in the earlier times parents would select the perfect match for their children within the same religion and background. But now with the modernization of the families and awareness of the people, inter-cast marriages are no longer treated as big taboo in the Indian society. Today, most of the parents don't feel the need to do the match-making for their children, as the younger generation is capable of finding a match for themselves, commonly ignoring the caste rule.

The main reason behind this taboo of caste was education. People were not properly educated, but today with the help of education the unthinkable Inter-caste marriage situation is now possible. Education also helped the people to become more open minded and killed many superstitions that were hindering the growth of our society. Earlier, there were even rules stating that girls have to get married to an elder groom or a groom of her age. But this practice has now ended as parents have given freedom to their daughters to choose the right partner for themselves.

With the drastic changes in the society, people have realized that successful marriages are not contingent on same caste and religion. It basically depends upon other factors like mutual understanding, trust, similar habits, background and compatibility. Also, there are numerous examples of people coming from different background, caste, religion etc. getting married and living happily ever after.

With the changing trends in society, this change has taken place mostly in the cities. Though proper education has changed the mindset of people for the inter-cast marriage, but the situation is same in all the rural areas of the country. Even today, in villages across India, people are forced to get married in their caste only or else they were will disowned or killed. This point can be proved by the recent honor killings that took place some time ago. Clearing the thoughts of urban people for Inter-cast Marriages will not work, as rural people should be educated more about it. After all, ending this problem will solve many other related issues and lead our country towards development.