"Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself"

A quick search with the words like "marriage", "husband," and "wife", pops out around 500 references from the Old and New Testament! Isn't that satisfactory enough to show what an important place marriage holds in Christianity and a Christian's life. In a Christian marriage, the man and the woman commit themselves to spend the rest of their lives together and develop a partnership of love. Several verses from the bible illustrate how the sacred companionship of marriage is made richer, deeper and stronger through physical intimacy. It is believed that in designing the covenant of marriage, God had different vital desires and purposes. So let us give an insight to this and view Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself :

  • Companionship And Intimacy Between Partners : As per Genesis, marriage is the idea of God and is designed as well as instituted by himself. Companionship and intimacy between the partners is the heart of the design of a Christian marriage. The relationship between the husband and the wife illustrates the relationship between Christ and the church. According to Bible, for a compatible and intimate partnership, the husband must be loving and sacrificing and the wife would be willing to submit to her man's leadership.
  • Husband & Wife Are Different Yet Equal : Bible also says that husbands and wives are different yet equal partners. The verses from Genesis exemplify that a wife should possess godly character and must have a quiet inner beauty. This inward beauty and godly disposition will help her win over her husband. On the other hand, the husband will honor her as well as be kind and gentle to her. Their roles in the marriage might differ, but they still remain equal, with a common soul.
  • Partners Must Strive To Overcome Immoral Living : It is believed marriage is an instrument that not only awards happiness to the couple but makes them more like Christ. There was, indeed, something more profound in God's heart like the triumph over immoral living. A Christian marriage teaches us how to respect, to honor, to love unconditionally, to forgive and be forgiven.

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The couple learns from the shortcomings and discovers the true soul happiness. Thus a Biblical study on Christian marriage, certainly, exhibits a timeless wisdom on marriage. Christian marriage is, thus, a true union between the husband, the wife and God.