Marriages have been a part of human civilization since ancient times, regardless of geographical divisions. Though a commonly followed tradition, there is huge difference in the way people get married & the types of marriages that are in existence today.

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Civil Marriages Vs Religious Marriages
Religious Marriages are solemnized with the blessings of a religious head or a spiritual guide who is usually present at the ceremony. Religious Marriages are common in countries like India, Pakistan, etc. These Religious Marriages are often extravagant affairs celebrated with great pomp and fanfare. Friends, relatives & other acquaintances of the bride & groom converge at such occasions & offer their blessings to the couple.

As opposed to this, Civil Marriages are serious affairs where a marriage agreement is signed in the local court in front of an official & eye witnesses. Typically only the closest family members and friends are present.

Arranged Marriages Vs Love Marriages
Love Marriages happen when a couple decides to take forward their relationship to the next level & get married. The decision here is taken by the couple with no interference from the family or friends. Love Marriages are common in the western culture.

Arranged Marriages are basically those kinds of marriages where the decision to get a couple married is taken by the elders in the family. Common to the eastern countries, Arranged Marriages usually mean material gains for one/both parties in question. This gain may be in form of property, cash or in kind. The bride and groom may or may not have known each other before the marriage.

Same-Sex Marriages Vs Opposite Sex Marriages
As is evident by the name itself, Opposite Sex Marriages mean that there is a guy & a girl involved, while in Same-Sex Marriages both the partners belong to the same gender. Though some countries like Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, etc. have legalized Same-Sex Marriages, most countries still do not recognize it as a legal form of marriage.

These are among some of most common types of matrimony to be found across the world.