Marriage is the most important day in a girl's life. It is a very special occasion and is the beginning of your new life with another person. You must have dreamt of this day for years and it has finally arrived. So, to make this day extra special you have to observe certain do's and dont's. These are simple tips which will help you make your wedding day a success.


  • Have a nice hot bath before your wedding as it will calm your nerves and make you look fresh and radiant.
  • Make sure you eat properly before going to your wedding as chances are that you might not get to eat anything for the entire day or night. A hungry stomach can take away the shine from your face and you don't want to look like a food deprived person on your wedding day.
  • Start getting ready early. You don't want to go to your own wedding looking like a six year old on a fancy dress day. Have your attendants arrive early so that you can have your make-up and hair done ahead of time.
  • Choose your make-up carefully. Your make-up should suit your attire. If you are wearing a light dress then avoid dark lipstick and nail polish as it will overshadow your wedding attire. If your dress is of a darker shade then you can be more lenient with your make-up.
  • Carry a handbag with essentials like lipstick, lip gloss, etc. so that every time you need these things you don't want to go running to your mother, sister or friend.
  • Spend some time with your guests and your family.
  • Keep a smiling face at your wedding. You are getting married by choice and should not look as if you have been forced to do it.


  • Do not apply too much make-up. There are several make-up items which should be used sparingly. So don't overdo with the lipstick and powder as you don't want to look like your face has been splashed with painting colors.
  • Don't be late for your wedding. Make a head start early and allow extra time for unforeseen incidents like traffic, detour, diversions, etc.
  • You should keep your sense of humor intact. You might need it at your wedding as you may meet guests who are forthright and offending.

Just keep the above mentioned points in mind for your wedding day. Your special day can be made even more special by your own efforts and foresight. It is you who can make yourself and your guests comfortable at your wedding and make the event a great success.