Is it the dawn of the hour when you need to plan your dream wedding? Has the time of your wedding come swirling in? Very little time is on hand to bask upon your engagement glow..if this is so then it's time to kick start the wedding preparations.

Planning the menu for the wedding can be a daunting task, for you have to keep the budget in view, take a note of the preferences of the guests and most importantly ensure the best cuisine is served on the platter. Serving a Finger Buffet at your wedding is an excellent idea for it's a grand way to serve a large number of guests. A classy Finger Buffet offers the guest a chance to relish varied cuisine.

Theme Based Finger Buffet : For making your wedding menu a special one you can arrange a theme based Finger Buffet. A theme for the wedding food could be Italian / Indian / French / Mexican / a variety of foods from different countries.

Mouthwatering Finger Food Ideas :

  • The Classics Shrunk : The miniature Yorkshire puddings, topped with roasted beef, horseradish and a light drizzle of gravy sauce / small sausage, split open with mashed potato piped into the sausage and served with a brown sauce dip. All these classic flavors are a sure delight for your guests.
  • Tapas : Tapas a Spanish specialty / Mini-empanada filled with savory or sweet fillings / Spain's ubiquitous bacalao are all ready to be served on the platter for experiencing that savoring taste.
  • Indian Delicacies : Samosas (both meat and vegetable) / Bhajis / Naan Bread / miniature variety of popular curries wrapped in chapattis are sure to be a delicious treat for the guests at your wedding.
  • Sushi : Japanese dish of sushi is yet another finger food menu you can always offer as a classic exotic gourmet treat.

Key Points To Remember While Planning A Finger Buffet :

  • It is crucial to remember that the food should be easy to handle. Try to serve finger foods that can be eaten easily.
  • Ensure to provide areas for your guests to place their drinks and platters.
  • Use attractive platters / baskets / bowls for displaying food.
  • The food should be presented in a colorful and appealing manner on the buffet table.
  • For garnishing the finger foods fresh herbs, cherry, tomatoes, chilies or lemon wedges can be used.
  • Keep your wedding budget in view such that you do spend carefully on the food for the reception making it economical for you at the same time offering the best menu for the guests.
  • A finger food buffet is ideal for receptions that fall between regular meal times, such as late morning / early afternoon events.
  • Finger food buffet is ideal for both formal / casual wedding receptions. The onus is on you to select the appropriate menu.
  • For catering to the diverse tastes of your guests select smaller finger foods, which gives you more possibility for variety.

    With these ideas, you can be assured to plan the most fabulous Finger Food Buffet for a dream wedding. It will be fun and frolic with lots of happiness and delicious food that will mark the culmination of your wedding ceremony.