After sharing moments of joy and sorrow, anger and laughter, agreements and disagreements; you and your spouse have completed a year of togetherness. Just a year ago, when you were on the threshold of starting a new life together, you had apprehensions about what life has in store for you. And now, you have finally covered a span of as much as 365 days. So, now is the time to celebrate and tell the world that you are very much in love with each other.

Tips for Making Your Partner Feel Special : It is very necessary to keep that spark of love and excitement alive after marriage. And what better than an anniversary gift to express the respect and love that you have for your spouse.

Gift : One of the best tricks that would surely work is gifting your wife a diamond ring sharp at 12 A.M. Present him/ her with a cake and a bunch of roses to re-kindle the essence of romance and longing.

Bake cake for him/her : Going that extra mile by not just buying a gift but also doing something by yourself can obviously make the better-half feel special. Cooking for your partner and that too on such a special occasion will truly show your in-depth love and affection.

Throw a party : Throw a grand party or have a small family get-together and make your anniversary day as special as your marriage day. There you can cut the cake, dance and have fun. Both of you can dedicate something for each other to tell the rest of the world that the bond of your love is as strong as it was a year ago.

Go for a drive : You can also avoid celebrating your anniversary with your family or friends and can just go out together, only you and your spouse. Go for a long drive and have a dinner in a five star hotel. Book a room for yourself and spend some time together thinking of the memories that you share.

Your wedding anniversary needs to be celebrated in a memorable way. So, renew the commitment you made towards your partner for always keeping him/her happy. Plan ahead to do something very special for this day, after all- the first anniversary comes once in a lifetime!