The center of attraction in a wedding is most certainly the bride. The groom is equally important but the bride is the one who is most talked about, whether it is her clothes, her accessories or her demeanor. If you also want to be the center of attraction, then there are certain tips you should follow. To be the perfect bride, you have to look your best. It is the most important day of your life, hence make sure you are dressed elaborately and elegantly.

Follow these important tips to become the perfect bride :

  • Eat And Sleep Properly On Your Wedding Eve : The night before your wedding, eat properly and get sufficient sleep so you don't look like a food deprived person with dark circles under the eyes.
  • Dress Elegantly : First and foremost, it is your wedding. You are not going to a fancy dress competition. Don't dress so elaborately that people cannot distinguish you from the draperies at the wedding venue. You can achieve the elegant look without overdoing yourself. Extravagance should not be mixed with elegance. Keep it minimal. Wear a lehenga or saree, which is beautiful and heavily embroidered and, which reflects the importance of the occasion. Follow the latest trends while choosing your lehenga or saree. People will not appreciate you for nothing. You have to look like the perfect bride.
  • Use Minimum Makeup : Imagine looking like a vampire in your wedding album. Are you cringing at the very thought? Well you can surely avoid it. You are the bride, the most important person of the wedding, and friends and relatives have come to see and admire you. You don't want to disappoint them by looking like someone who has just stepped out of a horror movie. Apply makeup, but don't overdo yourself.
    • Lipstick, a little blusher, eye shadow, mascara and kajal would be enough.
    • Face powder should be applied evenly and just enough to hide blemishes, if any.
    • Your lipstick should be of a subtle shade, should not be too bright and should not clash with your attire.
    • Your nail polish shade should be matching one and not so loud.
  • Maintain Good Demeanor : You are the bride, so behave like one. You should not roam around the wedding hall like a 6 year old in a circus. Yes, it is your marriage and it's quite natural for you to feel excited but your demeanor should suit the occasion. Talk to everyone but maintain decorum.

So, now you know what to do when you get married. Be a perfect bride and make the most important day of your life memorable. Following the above mentioned tips will let you transform in an ideal bride.