From A Twisted-Marriage To A Trusting-Marriage

Marriage is meant to be a very supportive and loving relationship, but it sometimes gets twisted into turmoil. Have you ever wondered why a marriage fails? What can be the possible reasons? Sometimes neither of the spouses is at fault; it is misunderstandings or lack of communication that serve as a reason for growing problems.

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If one spouse suffers a twisted marriage, it is surely not going to bear fruit for the other one too. As the misunderstanding grows, Sitting with both of your hands intertwined together in the hope that the things will become better as time passes will not help. This article will help you know if you’re going through a messed-up marriage, and also reveal the ways to cope with the same one.

Signs Of A Twisted Marriage

  • Arguments Over Small Things Are Common
    “Honey! Please pass me the salt.” She grumbles, “Oh! I just don’t understand why you can’t move your hands.” Or on wife’s asking, “Should we eat out today?” the husband replies, “Why do you find excuses to save yourself from cooking food?” In a twisted marriage, these kinds of arguments are very common. Neither of them gets any idea when these small arguments turn into serious disputes.
  • Little Or No Communication
    In a twisted marriage, healthy communication between the spouses recedes. In the name of communication mainly arguments take place, and therefore communication loses its value and tends to be ignored. It’s not surprising to learn that physical or psychological violence can also take place.
  • Your Spouse Isn’t Ready To Understand
    A problem is only a problem till the time it is solved. Problems arise in almost every field people are into, be it education, a business or marriage. Problems can be solved by looking into the nature of them and coming up with reasonable solutions. But what if your spouse isn’t ready to understand that they are doing something wrong; this is a bigger problem than others. You clearly notice that the decisions your spouse is making are going to harm the family or both of you. But you wonder why they don’t understand this simple thing even after you’ve told them plenty of times.

What if the same is happening with you, we’ll advise you to muster your courage and work out on your twisted marriage. “Where there is a will, there is a way”, remember this famous quotation? You may find yourself broken inside, but there also lies immense potential and will to help you ride out of any problem, no matter how big it is.

Effective Ways To Help Out A Twisted Marriage

  • Patiently Talk To Your Spouse In Person
    There might be a possibility that your spouse is carrying some burden of a problem all alone as he doesn’t want to see you sad by disclosing it to you. If you sense something like this, the best thing could be talking to your spouse over what troubles them. They may feel offended if you talk about it in the presence of others. So, take care of their privacy.
  • Take Help From Family, Relatives Or Friends
    You tried to talk to them in person, but it bore no result. Don’t be disappointed! You can discuss the matter with your family, trustworthy relatives or friends. If your spouse doesn’t listen to you, you can politely tell them that you are calling your family, friends or relatives to talk over the matter. Other trustworthy people often prove to be helpful to fix a twisted marriage.
  • Don’t Suffer Thinking The Things Will Settle Down Themselves
    Don’t suffer thinking the things will get resolved by themselves. Your suffering can provoke further violence. So, raise your voice if something wrong is being done to you. If you find yourself wholly-dependent on your spouse economically and are concerned about it, you’d better find a job or take economical-help from your family, relatives or friends when needs arise.
  • Take Help From Professional Counselors
    If the things don’t become better, don’t think twice to seek help from a professional counselor. Professional counselors are experienced people who can guide you in better ways than others may. They can counsel both of you to figure out what things have gone wrong to make your marriage hell, and in addition they also provide the possible solutions. After all your efforts, if you feel that separation is the only solution left, then you can take help from a legal advisor.

Conclusion : Oh, my spouse! When you glance at me, I realize how easily you touch my heart making it more open and beautiful. Such is the relationship between two spouses. Don’t back down thinking that no good could happen in your marriage when the problems appear. Rather, have faith in yourself while turning your twisted-marriage into a trusting-marriage.

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