Get To Know About The Impressive Traditions Of Kerala Marriage
Kerala is popularly known for its rich culture of the wedding, which is a beautiful amalgamation of three different rituals. The wedding rituals which are practiced can be broadly classified into three types, namely, the Nair Weddings, the Syrian Christian Weddings and other forms of Indian Wedding. The best part of this varied culture is that the various interesting practices which are followed are similar to each other in some way or the other. Matrimonial sites are used these days to find the dream partner without much hassle.

However, although this similarity is present, the wedding patterns of these tree communities are entirely different. In the case of Nair wedding, the act of exchanging the trays between the bride and the groom is considered as the mark which finalizes the match. In the case of Christian Weddings, taking permission from the church marks the finalization of the match.

A proper Christian wedding starts with a proper oil bath followed by having sweet banana milk. Both the bride, as well as the groom, are required to follow these rituals. Then, the bride comes to the Church in the car, which is, as per the rituals, sent by the bridegroom. In the Church, both the parties take their vows, seeking blessings of God and become each others’ life partner.

In a Hindu marriage ceremony, nearly the same rituals are followed where the bride and groom, before the marriage, visit a temple and seek blessings. This is considered as the first step which opens up the series of marriage ceremonies for the Hindu wedding. All the ceremonies in a Hindu marriage are conducted at the home of the bride or in some large auditorium, banquet halls.

At first, the groom is welcomed by the bride’s brother after which both the parties sit at the Mandap. A knot, symbolizing the vow to stay together, is tied after which they exchange vows with each other. Once vows are exchanged, the groom ties the mangalsutra applies sindoor and performs the final rituals to complete the ceremony of marriage.

Background of the Marriage ceremony
Traditional Hindu Kerala wedding is divided into two categories, namely, Nair weddings and the typical Hindi wedding. The idea of typical Hindu marriage can be described as a very simple one, in terms of both styles as well as the attire. During a Hindu Shaadi, the main few rituals are followed. These rituals are usually common for all types of Hindu weddings. These rituals can be briefly described in the form of steps that starts with tying Thaali.

After the Thaali is tied, the ritual of Kanyadaanam is undertaken in which the father of the bride gives away his beloved daughter to the groom. The next step in which follows deals with the act of giving away clothes. Once all these are done, finally the ritual of drinking sweet milk is conducted after which the couple gets tied into an amazing relationship of marriage. These are the basic steps that are performed in a typical Hindu Kerala marriage ceremony.

Coming to the Christian Wedding, rings are exchanged at the end, which marks the completion of the marriage ceremony. Both parties are required to sign in the marriage registration form, which solemnly declares that their marriage has now received a legal entity. These days, the step of registration is followed in all types of wedding culture.

What is the attire and style of Kerala Marriage?
The bride usually wears a traditional Sari at their wedding. The Kerala Kesavi sari is worn by the bride having a thick border. This saree is usually plain white and has a typical Holden border, adding up to its look. Although simple, these sarees look very beautiful when paired up gold jewelry.

Gold is considered as an important part of the weddings in Kerala. The bride needs to wear every single jewelry piece, starting from the necklace to the waistband and earrings made up of gold. Even the maangteeka and, the rings are beautifully crafted out of gold. In short, it can be said that the bride decorates herself with gold from top to toe along with traditional silk sarees.

Not only the bride but also the guests also wear gold jewelry while attending a typically Hindu Kerala marriage ceremony. The Groom is also required to wear traditional dhoti kurta made from silk for the wedding ceremony.

In a Christian wedding, the bride fits herself in a beautiful and exotic white gown. It adds up to her charm and beauty. The groom usually wears a suit made out of smooth white fabric. The best thing about the Kerala Christian wedding is the element of serenity which is portrayed by the color of the outfits of the new couple.

Global Appeal to The Traditional Marriage Ideas And Modernity
The idea of modernity gas replaced the typical marriage rituals followed in a Kerala wedding. The process of finding a prospective bride or groom can be now done through Kerala Matrimony. Although now various modern and contemporary traditions are followed in proportion, the ethnicity of a Kerala wedding has not lost itself.

The land of Kerala still follows the flavor of traditional rituals and customs, which is later followed by sizzling cocktail parties. These parties mark the start of the wedding celebrations. Experienced photographers and decorators are hired to capture these amazing moments and make the wedding a memorable event. The decor and ambiance are arranged as per the modern ideas, making the typical Kerala wedding, a glamorous and stylish one.

The idea of the Kerala wedding tradition has captured the hearts of a huge percentage around the world. There are several people, belonging to other lands who have made use of Kerala’s tradition in the movies and other art forms of their countries.

The typical Kerala based sarees are greatly opted by majority women all over the world to flaunt and show up a classy and elegant look. However, gold jewelry may or may not be used with these sarees because in most conditions. Instead, to bring in the flavor of modernity, casual jewelry is used.

Matchmaking Procedure of Traditional Kerala Wedding
Well, as per the modern rituals, the system of Kerala Matrimonial has also experienced a remarkable shift. There are several websites through which the brides and grooms can search and find their potential matches over the Internet. With growing modernization, the trend of intercaste marriage has also earned a great level of popularity.

Proper ring ceremonies are now conducted in Hindu Kerala weddings too. The process of engagement followed by visiting the temple is now followed on Hindu marriage traditions too. Modern outfit and dressing style are also followed by innovative hairstyles and the use of contemporary jewelry pieces.

The system of marriage has experienced a random shift with the changing preferences of the people. The flavor of modernization is greatly accepted in these traditional shard events. The roots of all types of wedding traditions have some of their roots interlinked with each other, synced beautifully with the soil of Kerala. Known as the land of conventional marriages, the idea of a monsoon wedding is considered the perfect one for the weather of Kerala.