Unfortunately for the women at the time of their wedding are very nervous and are full of anxiety. After you are done with your engagement it is time to set a date and announce it to your family, friends, and relatives. And, do believe! It will be a cracking news. The below listed are the three crucial steps which one should need to implement for planning a wedding:

STEP 1 : Determine Your Budget Before planning anything you must determine your budget. If you are a lavish spender you will be willing to invest a lot of cash in your wedding. Your budget will determine what kind of wedding you will have. If you are hoping for a royal wedding you will be picking a famous DJ, a Floweriest, multiple Photographers, a renowned "OFFICIANT". But for picking up a famous you will be have loosen up y6our pockets. On the other hand if your budget is not good, you can have a simple, ordinary wedding just inviting a photographer and a random Officiant.

STEP 2 : Tackle the Guest List Now for the guest list you will be required to pick a place depending on your budget. Capacity is one of the most important criteria in finding a suitable wedding venue. Cramming 300 people into a venue that seats 150 will not go over good. You don't have to finalized the list yet but you will need an estimate from both sides of the family right away to avert countless planning headaches and stress.

STEP 3 : Set on a Site & Date Only when you have an estimated budget and the prepared guest list you can search for place. Again it depends on your budget, if you are rich you can get a 5 STAR HOTEL booked or a luxurious RESORT. If not you can have a Banquet Hall book for the special day.

Once you have accomplished these steps you will have the rest of your planning task as a mere headache.