Arguments are a common thing in every relationship. Two people can never be totally of the same mentality. There are bound to be differences in their thinking. But that does not mean that the differences are always negative. On the other hand, differences between two people can really help them to develop individually as well as to grow with each other. Differences sometimes lead to arguments, and arguments can be healthy or unhealthy.

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Healthy Arguments are a sign that two individuals are consciously involved in that relationship. While arguing healthily both the individuals can come to know about the problems or the things that are not working out for the other person. Healthy Arguments are ways of communication between two people. Arguing should not be considered negative always; it can actually be healthy if one is putting forward one's point in a rational manner.

In a relationship where two people love each other, Healthy Arguments clear the problems between them and bring about the issues that need to be discussed for a better and happy future. As a result, it directs the thought process of a person towards the possible solutions. Healthy Arguments can also tell a person about the priorities of his/her partner.

The point where an Argument goes to the level of abusing it does not remain healthy. Therefore, one thoroughly needs to differentiate between a healthy and an unhealthy argument. Whenever it seems that the situation is getting out of hand & arguments rather than being rational are leaning towards being insulting, then it is time to take a break & cool off.

Arguments determine the intellectual compatibility in a Relationship. Here two people can also enlighten each other about many things that the other fails to recognize. Arguments can remain Healthy only when both the individuals have an open mind. All these in a way Strengthens A Relationship. With two people communicating to find a solution together, the bond between them is bound to become stronger. In the end, Healthy Arguments cement the relationship between two people in the best manner possible.