Marriage is a lifetime affair which requires utmost adjustment from both the sides. In order to have a happy married life, you must learn to live with the negative and positive aspects of your life partner. It's natural that everyone has a different nature and attitude and adjusting with these dissimilarities is what makes marriage a challenge!!

A married couple is usually the happiest during the initial romantic phase of marriage. At that point, both the sides are ready to adjust and give their best efforts for a happy marriage. But with time, this feeling fades away as they get to know deeper about each other. The situation gets worsened with the arrival of a child that can, at times, take away the fun and romance from a couple's life.

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How to save a failing married life?

  • Identify and go for a mutual interest which both of you used to enjoy once. Even if not mutual, then look for something which your partner enjoys and try to spend as much time as possible doing that. This will help you get back to old days.
  • It is always advisable to go to a councilor or a therapy together. This will help you understand each other's problems and issues, which you otherwise never took interest in. Moreover, this might help your partner realize how wrong or selfish his/her behavior was towards you.
  • Nowadays, a new emerging option is a traditional healer who helps in creating same old romantic sparks by suggesting remedies for anger management and other issues.

To survive through a tough marriage is not an easy task. But if both the partners are determined to sort out the problems and work on it, no force in this world can hinder them from being together. Going for these options can be fruitful, but sometimes all you might need can be a bit of love and luck!