How Important are the Rituals in the Reddy Matrimonial?
India is a place of diversity in culture. Here, you can find unique customs and their way of the wedding is also unique. In north India, weddings are a grand affair, and people blow a considerable amount on making it memorable. In Tamil matrimony or Reddy matrimony, a lot of age-old customs are performed, making it unforgettable.

Given below is a brief of the minor ceremonies that take place in a modern-day Reddy matrimonial and their significance:

Panda Kaal Muhurtham

The celebrations begin with Panda Kaal Muhurutham, a ritual that takes place before the marriage. In this ritual, the people worship God for the constant, peaceful, and joyful wedding.

Sumangali Prarthana – A ceremonious procedure for the Married Females

Sumanglis is named as the females blessed with a pleasant and happy married life. In Sumangli Prarthana, some Sumangli women are called in the count of 3, 5, 7 or 9. The ladies are given a treat of authentic south Indian food. This helps seek the bride their blessings for a happy and prosperous married life ahead.

Pallikai Thellichal

This is a ritual in which nine types of grains are mixed along with curd. The mixture is then kept in the earthen pots which are then immersed in the water to feed the fishes. This is considered good for the beginning of the couple's new life.

Naandi Shrardham

In this ritual, 10 Brahmins are invited for a feast with fruits, coconut, flowers, sweets, paan-supari, etc. After the feast, they are being requested to offer their blessings to the would-be couple.


Nichayathartham is engagement in Tamil in which the couple gets formally engaged. After this ceremony, the further preparations for the reddy matrimony begin.

Lagna Pathirikai

Lagna Pathirikai translates to a wedding invitation in Tamil. After the engagement is done, the date for Reddy's wedding is decided, and messages are sent to the guests.

Mangala Snaanam (purifying bath)

Mangala Snanam is the sanitization bath that the Groom, as well as the bride, will have to take before they proceed further with the wedding rituals. Before Mangala Snanam, Kumkum, oil, and haldi are applied to the skin of the Bride and the Groom.

Kashi Yatra

The reddy matrimony does not include only holistic rituals. One of the exciting ceremonies is also there to enjoy in Tamil Weddings, and that is Kashi Yatra. In this ritual, the groom performs as if he is leaving the routines and the Father of the bride has to stop him. He then has to request the Groom to stop and asks him to marry his daughter.

Pada Puja

This is a ceremony where the mother of the bride washes the groom\'s feet with water. First, she applies a paste of Kumkum and Chandan on the feet of the Groom, and then the washes his feet with water. After all these rituals, the bride comes to the Mandap.

Maalai Maatra

During Maalai Matral, the groom exchanges garland with the bride. The garlands are exchanged thrice. This is to mark the commencement of the holy union of the couple.


Kanyadanam in South culture and 'Kanyadan' in the north, is very important in every culture and tradition. During this ritual, the father hands over his daughter to the Groom. He then promises the Father that he will take care of her for the rest of his life.

Muhurtham and Saptapadi

After Kanyadanam, the ritual of Muhurtham takes place in which the Groom fills Kumkum in the hair partition of the bride. He then ties mangal sutra around her neck. Every caste has a different type of mangal sutra to be tied across the neck of the bride. This piece of necklace is also of great importance.

Sammandhi Maryathai

Both the bride and groom's families give presents to each other and relatives, and then the bride leaves her parental home.

Significance of dress of Tamil Bride and Groom

The apparel of the bride and Groom in reddy matrimony during the ceremony is very different from any other culture or religion.

A Tamil groom wears

A garment called the dhoti or lungi is worn on the lower part of the body), and an Angavastram is draped around the neck. This scarf is made preferably from silk or puttu.

The Groom has to wear a Thalaip also that is a turban on the head along with a gold chain and clip-on gold earring.

The Tamil bride is said to be an essence of beauty and grace. Unlike other brides in heavy red/maroon lehengas, the brides in Tamil matrimonial ceremony wear stunning Kanjeevaram sarees in bright hues. They accessorize the attire with heavy gold jewellery around their neck, waist, arms, wrist, head, etc. Brahmin Reddy brides wear 9-yard long sarees whereas non-Brahmin Reddy brides wear 6-yard long sarees. Hair is tied in an attractive bun and plaid and decorated with fragrant and beautiful gajra.

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