Every moment of the wedding day is so precious and to capture all of them, one must choose a photographer who can capture these moments beautifully. But selecting a good wedding photographer for this special occasion is a task in itself. Let's have a look at some of the ways to choose the best photographer in town.

  • You can take recommendations from your friends who have been married recently. Don't ask friends who have got married a long time back because they might recommend photographers who were popular during their time.
  • If the photographer you have selected has got a website of his own then you should definitely check it. It will give you a good idea about his working and there you can see his portfolio which can show you the quality of work.
  • If you have time then you can meet face to face with the photographers. This will help you to know about the nature and working style of the photographers.
  • Some photographers are very demanding and they can create problems on your special day. So know about your requirements and convey about your set-up beforehand.
  • Make sure that photographers are ready to entertain your suggestions.
  • Don't only choose the cheapest option available as the photographer may be then compromising with the quality of pictures. You can choose the photographer who is open to negotiate on prices and also does not compromise with the quality.

What you want to do with your money for the wedding depends only on you. Making an album is not preferred nowadays by most of the couples as there are a number of other options to choose from:

  • Set up an online gallery
  • Make a DVD containing all the images at full size and at least 300DPI (print quality)
  • Make a photo book.

    So now you must be aware of all the ways of selecting the best photographer for your most important day. Videography and photography at the wedding captures some unique moments that can be cherished forever and relived again if you choose the best photographer to do the job.