Gaining weight after marriage is such a common occurrence that we almost end up expecting every newly married couple to fatten up. Some of the popular idioms in fact try to convince that a protruding belly is a sign of a happy marriage! Unfortunately the ones with health issues arising due to the extra weight put on after marriage will argue the reliability of this idiom.

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Why Does Weight Gain Happen After Marriage?
Most of the couples stop feeling the need to stay attractive towards their partners after marriage. This leads to the slackening in the rules and patterns of eating habits and lifestyles. Once the partners become comfortable with each other, being physically attractive to each other becomes less of a priority.

Effects Of The Weight Gain
Apart from the known effects on health like increased risks of obesity, heart conditions, etc., post marital weight gain can also lead to lack of sexual urge and effect performance. Thus, weight gain is bound to have harsh effects on the marital life.

How To Maintain Weight After Marriage
It is important that the exercise regimes and healthy diet are maintained even after marriage. The partners will need to support each other if the regimes and diets are to be maintained after marriage. They can plan a common exercise regime and diet and go through them together. If one of the couple displays slackening in his or her dedication towards the regime, it should be the duty of the other to ensure that the partner comes straight back to the regime. However, it is also important to ensure enough space for enjoyment and feasting. Couples can plan in such a manner that a trip to a favorite restaurant can be made after the completion of the certain duration in the exercise and diet regime. Sharing and dividing the duties in the kitchen are also good ideas.

Following a regime may sound like an additional responsibility in one's married life but if considered against the health concerns and other ill effects of weight gain, especially in the later stages of life, it is a far better option. So, take to the treadmill with your spouse, take walks together at your favorite park. Eat healthy and stay fit and healthy together.