Is there something missing in your relationship that you are not able to figure out? Is it like your husband is loosing interest in you and you are loosing hold on him. Do you both ever come across a situation where you feel like nothing can be fixed anymore? If yes, then don't take things lightly as it is the time to take action. You don't need to panic but at the same time you really need to think hard about the ways, so that he doesn't lose his interest in you. To learn the simple ways of how to keep the spark in your relationship alive forever, read ahead.

  • Be true to yourself : Don't fake. When you will remain true to yourself, your husband will automatically start admiring you. Every time you will be pretentious, your husband will get irritated and draw his interest away from you. Remember that when you got married, you promised to be with him in any circumstances. So, love him the way he is and make him feel special.
  • Talk to him : If you will keep on thinking that your husband will read your mind and understand your problems, then forget it. It is necessary for you to communicate with him and tell him your problems. And don't forget, don't keep on bragging your problems, instead listen to him as well. Tell him about the way you feel for him. May be, by this way, he will confide his feelings also.
  • Spend quality time : In any relationship, it is important to spend some quality time with each other. Go out with each other. Start dating again.
  • Physical bonding : Have an active sexual life as it is the only way of bringing the fading charm back in your relationship. This is the perfect way of telling him that you love him a lot and can't afford to loose him.
  • Make him feel special : Arrange a special candlelight dinner for him at home. Make him feel that he is still the only special thing in your life and you can't do anything without him. You can even give him a massage, if he comes late from his office.
  • Dress up for him : Any husband would love the idea, when his wife gets specially dressed for him. So, put on the best outfit with the best make up and look the best for him. And you never know that your husband may take you out for an evening.
  • Be a good mother : Finally, the most important step to retain and captivate your husband's interest in you is by being a good mother. Love your kids and be tender and loving towards them and this will surely cast a magical spell on your husband.

    And last word of advice would be to let him be free, so that he doesn't feel caged. So, after reading the write-up, you must have got an idea of how to captivate your husband and make him fall in love with you forever.