How To Make Your Proposal Unforgettable ?

If being with someone tantalizes every nerve in your body, and even the thought of living a future without them wrecks your inner peace, then this is it! Very rarely you find the one who brings feel to you, so if he/she is around then don’t waste any more time further and get down on your knees.

Your girl might have fantasized her dream proposal a million times, so why not make it true for her? Pull up your socks to make her feel extraordinarily special on the proposal day, and show her that you’re her “real man”. What follows are few tips and tricks to make your proposal unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Prepare yourself and hurry up to her.

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Plan A Candlelight Dinner : Women usually find candlelight dinners most romantic and quixotic. It is said that pupils of eyes dilate in a dim light, which makes the couple look more attractive. And dim light also heightens other senses, such as touch, smell and taste. So, you can have a candlelight dinner at your place, better not involving other people, or you can choose other place too, such as a good restaurant, or the place where you first met or where you usually spend time together.

Recite A Few Poetic Lines To Her : Words of a loving poem going past her mind can certainly touch her heart. If you know how to write some loving-words for your girl you can take help from friends or search the internet. Choose a poem which can reach her heart and whisper your love.

Feel Comfortable And Relaxed : Others might have told you to feel comfortable while proposing to your girl, but why and how? When you feel comfortable, you can think and talk well. In excitement, thinking and talking become distorted, that’s why many people speak what they didn’t want to out of nervousness or excitement. If you start to feel nervous or excited, you can take some deep breath from the diaphragm. It can make you comfortable. And remember, your girl is most likely to feel secure and relaxed seeing that you’re relaxed.

You Can Choose A Special Day : You can choose a special day to propose to your love. She is most likely to have a good mood on some special day, and your proposing to her can render her euphoric feelings. A special day could be a Valentine’s Day, her birthday or some other. Listen to her when she talks to you, this represent a bond and respect.

Come Up With Something Special : With a little contemplation, you can also come up with some great idea to make the proposal day remarkable for you. You can ask your female friends, they could give you some wonderful tips. But while planning something, you should take care of you budget. Some men think that if you gift something expensive or spend a lot of money on your idea, the girl is surely going to like it. Do you agree? A small budget but dedicated proposal can also make your girl’s eyes numb with love.

Conclusion : When you’ll be proposing to your love or prospective life partner, don’t pretend to be what you’re not. This might make you feel uncomfortable, or look ridiculous. Be “the real you” as she should see you this way before making her decision. Respect her decision if she doesn’t accept or defers the answer as some girls need time to think over it. Such nice tips you’ve got! You’re still here, hurry up to your love.