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  • How To Shape Up Before The D-Day

    By: Palak Gupta | In: Wedding Beauty Tips | Last Updated: 2016-11-04

    So your wedding date is set and your extra kilos are causing sleepless nights? Are you having pre-wedding blues about how fit you will look on this special day of your life? Well, wedding is once in a lifetime experience and surely, you do not want to experience it with your out of shape body. It is often seen that brides to-be are more worried about shedding weight than the wedding itself. Here are some handy tips that can help you shed those extra kilos in a healthy way:

    • Keep Yourself Physically Active: Daily physical activity is necessary, go for long walks, use stairs, take longer routes etc. Go for easier workouts and change your routine accordingly.
    • Keep yourself Hydrated: It is very important to hydrate your body when you are working out. Divide your weight into half and determine the amount of water you need to drink daily.
    • Sound Sleep: When you sleep, your body rejuvenates itself from the work you have done the entire day. So, get ample sleep of about seven to ten hours daily.
    • Less Carbohydrates And More Fiber: Gorge on fiber rich foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables etc. Cut down the carbohydrate intake and limit yourself to 100 grams of carbohydrates per day.
    • Lose Your Sweet Tooth: Completely cut down canned fruit juices, sweets, chocolates etc. Take less sugar and avoid adding sugar to foods and drinks.
    • Keep On Eating: Take smaller amounts of food at one time and eat 4-5 times a day. This will make you feel fuller.
    • Avoid These: Keep away from smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. Moreover, avoid taking any fad diets, without consulting the doctor.
    • Self Motivation: Motivate yourself; this is very essential at initial stage of losing weight. Be patient and work hard to achieve a set target. Therefore, reward yourself when you lose even the slightest amount of weight. Remember that you have that potential in you and you can do it once you make up your mind.

    Following these 8 easy tips, can help you come out with flying colors on the blissful event of your life.

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    • Smoking, taking wines or any form of intoxication makes a human lethargic and disappointed. I feel this must be taken care very seriously in order to avoid unnecessary problems. Thank-You Very Much!

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    • I appreciate the kind of effort you make for your readers. Your suggestions help us in many aspects. Thanks for staying with us, it is really nice to have you...!!!

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    • Being physically active and a deep sleep before the wedding day helps in achieving certain goals. Wonderful ideas you shared and that is worth implementing indeed.

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    • Gorgeous tips for the wedding day! Self-motivation plays a crucial role in this context. I like the way you explain each and everything that helps the readers achieve their goals.

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    • Being psychologically calm and cool makes a person perfect on his wedding day. It is somehow related to the internal mechanism. Thanks for your concerns!

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