Hinduism recognizes men and women as two halves of divine body. Hindu matrimony symbolize the divine concept for the union of these two halves. According to Hindu scriptures, the basic idea behind a Hindu marriage is the lifelong union of man and woman so that the two can move forward in their lives and achieve their goals. The union ensures that the two stay together in happy and difficult times and pursue their worldly duty. Understanding the needs of each other and sacrifice for the happiness of the other is the essence of a Hindu marriage.

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The Concept Of Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha
Hindu marriage assimilates the idea of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The word Dharma literally means duty. It should be the priority of a Hindu couple to pursue its duties while they lead their marital life. Artha signifies physical possessions. Kama means bodily pleasure and eventually Moksha is the ultimate spiritual release of the soul from the worldly affairs. The above mentioned concepts are indispensable in one's life and Hindu marriage is the way to pursue them. Through marriage man and woman attain union. They accumulate wealth for a healthy life style. More importantly, their intimate connection gratifies their physical needs and at the same time upholds the universal law of Jeevan (birth) with the birth of their children. Eventually, the Hindu marriage culminates with Moksha, which is the spiritual state of release of soul from the body.

Individual Roles In Hindu Matrimonials
The very rituals followed in a Hindu wedding are a prelude to the ideals of Hindu marriage. The oaths taken in the rituals lay down the norms for the couple to pursue. Sacrifice, self restraint, love, respect, care and honesty are the essentials in a Hindu marriage. Maintaining the probity of the relation is foremost. The commitment shown by Hindu bride towards their husbands is unparalleled in the world and perhaps the very attribute that separates a Hindu marriage from the rest.

They should remember that the sanctity of the relation should be preserved and the lifelong nature of the matrimonial tie should be kept intact. On the other hand, women should too adjust to the new family and settings. After all, a Hindu marriage is not just the matter of staying together; it's about living together happily with each other and for each other.