Wedding day is the day that a person cherishes all his life. Marriage ceremonies are different for different religions and communities. Indian weddings are known all over the world for their rituals, vivacious ceremonies and colorful ambience. The pomp and show with which Indian weddings are celebrated are admired by people all across the globe.

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What is so unique about the Indian wedding?
Indians are already famous for their rich customs, the reflection of which is prominently seen in the Indian Weddings. The accessories make an Indian wedding special. You want to know which accessories; here is the account of some :

Wedding Songs and music
Songs serve as a life line of any Indian wedding. The spirit of the Indian wedding is achieved only because of music and songs. Whether it is the pre-marriage ceremony or the main wedding event, you can always hear songs in the background. There are special ceremonies like Ladies Sangeet, DJ night, etc. that are solely dedicated to dancing on the beat of lively songs.

What kinds of songs are played? Every religion, region or community have their own liking and song selection. Some people prefer folk while some tap their beat to the Bollywood and Hollywood numbers. In all an Indian wedding is incomplete without songs just like food without salt.

Bridal Make-Up
Bride in the Indian Wedding is the one person that needs to stand out in the crowd. An Indian girl from all castes and religions dreams of her wedding day, her clothes and make-up right from her teenage days. There are various special bridal make-up packages that are offered by the beauty parlors. The women of the current era demands simple and less flashy make-up as compared to the loud one prevalent in the earlier decades. The bridal make-up is always done in accordance with the dress to be worn.

Bridal jewelry : Bridal Jewelry is the next very important accessory that a bride and her family select after long search. The bridal jewelry includes :

  • Necklace set
  • Earrings
  • Bangles
  • Nose ring
  • Rings

The jewelry is bought as per the budget of the bride's family. It can be gold, diamond or silver jewelry.

Traditional wedding attire
Dresses worn on the wedding day are different in different Indian cultures. Both the bride and the bridegroom deck up in traditional wears. In most of the religions, the brides wear Lehnga Choli, Salwar Kameez or Saree in different styles. Bridegrooms wear Dhotis, suits or Kurta Pyjamas. The color selection is always bright colors like red, pink, orange, etc. Only in the Christian community the wedding dresses are of White and Black color.

Thus the aforementioned are the integral wedding accessories that every Indian wedding has. The selection of all these is according to the money spent and difference in cultures.