Is There Something Wrong With My Marriage?

Is There Something Wrong In My Marriage?

“Is there something wrong with my marriage?”

No doubt that many couples get the same question in their minds frequently. Many couples might think the same is happening with many other couples and is quite common. Whereas, a few couples contemplate the root of the cause and come up with fine solutions. Such couples tend to be happy couples, while, the couples that find themselves weak to come up with solutions tend to be unhappy. The following mentioned points would help you to figure what is keeping the happiness away from your marriage, and how could you bring it back?

  • A Quite Noticeable Communication-Gap Between Spouses : Communication gap is one of the most serious signs of a troublesome marriage. Whereas, a healthy communication works no less than a therapy, a poor communication between spouses tends to make the situation worse, and its presence implies that there’s something fishy in your marriage. Living in the same shelter or spending nights in the same bed, you realize that you both are together physically but not psychologically or in terms of “Heart”. Remember that communication gap doesn’t necessarily mean talking very little – some people don’t like to talk a lot – but it means showing apathy in communication.
  • Arguments Increase Over Trivial Matters : It’s very common for arguments to take place over trivial matters in a marriage. I-don’t-understand-why-you-can’t kinds of arguments start capturing huge room in your relationship. Both of you often forget why you are fighting but continue to fight. Peace at home starts draining away, and you find yourself sinking in the black-hole of tension and turmoil. Bitter or harsh comments for each other also take place between the couple.
  • Your Children Imply Something, Observe : You can easily convince yourself that your children are as innocent as they don’t understand what’s going on around. Given that they are innocent, but are you sure they don’t understand what’s going on around them? When their parents get into arguments, children try to have their parents talk about other things. As a result, this often halts the argument. With this they try to divert their parents’ minds; this is called “Diversion of Mind”. Or sometimes children question their parents about why they keep fighting. Being innocent doesn’t mean that one isn’t observant. If something is happening with you, take care of your children too as a miserable marriage also affects children badly.
  • Living Away Seems Better Than With Your Spouse : Do you ever think that living away is better than living with your spouse? Or does your spouse think so? It seems obvious that you want to distance away from your spouse as they are now a trouble to you rather than a solace.
  • Depression Or Low Self-Esteem : A troublesome marriage can bring about anxieties or stress, which, if lasts long, can cause depression. Physical or psychological violence in a marriage can also cause depression or low self-esteem. For this, we’ll suggest that you shouldn’t let your negative thoughts overshadow you. Patiently talk with your spouse over the troublesome matters. If needed, take help from your loved-ones, professionals or counselors.

Conclusion : Before seeking some solution, it is important to know what the problem is, and how it occurred. Likewise, if you feel that you’re going through a miserable marriage, try to figure it out. Don’t just run away from the situation as this will only worsen it. Figure out what is causing trouble in your happy married life. Patiently talk with your spouse about it. If required, seek help from others.

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