Live In Relationship or Marriage: Choose Wisely
India, the land of diverse cultures, has been through a major overhaul in last 2 decades. Right from technological advancement, digitalization to the basic societal norms, everything got influenced with global trends. People of India are changing and so are their perspectives towards life and the way they wish to spend it. Right from choosing a career to selecting a job and even the way they wish to get committed, everything they wish a full control over their life-choices. No wonder a larger share of youth of India wants to get into a live-in relationship. Beyond arranged marriage or love marriage, the matter for today’s young generation revolves around why to marry when we can live together without getting into a permanent commitment.

Of course, a majority of Indian parents heatedly ask what is live in relationship. They oppose it and do not want that their son/daughter gets into a live-in relationship. They have their own fears and anxieties with the concept “live-in” while young generation wants to get into a Live-In Relationship instead tying nuptial knot.

The major difference between live-in and marriage is of societal acceptance, terms of relationship and longevity of the same.

Societal Acceptance
The biggest difference between marriage and live in relationship is it acceptance in society. Whereas marriage has deep-seated roots in Indian society, live in is still not accepted in India. Marriage in India is considered as a bond that has to be established following age-old traditions and blessings of family and relatives, so the acceptance of living without marriage is still rejected by majority of Indians. Friends, families and relatives of Indian couple see them as a couple only after taking vows of marriage. Without marriage a couple-relationship is not validated by Indian society. However in metro cities the trend of live in relationships is gradually speeding up and if not happily accepted at least the level criticism is being decreased with increasing number of people preferring it over marriage.

Terms of relationship
In a marriage terms of relationship are totally different from live in relationship. In marriage couple accepts each other to adjust with the respective families which is not the case in live in relationship. The important matters of life are usually jointly discussed and managed in marriage but in live in relationship they prefer to maintain and respect space in relationship.

This may sound materialistic but in real life decisions about finance and investment are very important factor to decide the success or failure of a relationship. In marriage the finances are jointly managed. Post marriage a couple seeks each other’s consent on finances and investment whereas couple living in without marriage prefer to stay independent in such matters. The main reason behind this is the mindset of maintaining life-time relationship vs a relationship where anyone can quit as per his/her preference.

In marriage the couple is always sure of planning of finance and family expansion but in case of live in relationship the couple believes in living in the moment. Since the idea of live in relationships is based on freedom of choice, both the partners or one of the partner can change the preference at any time, so the planning of future is not as clear as it is in case of marriage.

If you also want to get into a live in relationship or are already in one don’t assume that it is a bad decision. Actually, this is a decision which you can best take in the light of your own preferences and family expectations. However slow but the acceptance of live in relationship is taking place in Indian society too. So going for a marriage of staying in live in relationship is totally a personal call, which you can take after introspecting yourself and getting ready to beat the challenges.