Gone are those days when parents used to hop from one household to another to look for cultured daughter-in-laws, and mothers used to prepare an array of dishes when potential in-laws used to arrive to see their darling daughters. We live in the world where stereotypical roles have changed drastically and women are no more confined to the four walls of the house. Though modern men and women live in a fast paced life and are always short of time, nobody wants to fall into a bad marriage. People are extra cautious and want to enjoy their freedom to choose their partner freely. This is the reason why marriage portals have become a huge hit among those who are still waiting to meet their prince-in-shining-armor and the fairest maiden.

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Free Account : Most of the matrimonial websites let the visitors open free accounts. You have to provide them with your email ID and you would be immediately sent a verification link in the inbox. You would have to click it to verify yourself and after that you can start your hunt for the right groom or bride by checking the plethora of portfolios displayed on the website.

24 X 7 : Matrimonial sites are accessible day and night. You can login to the website while it's raining cats and dogs outside or in the dead of the night or even in the lunch time in your office. The websites are easy to navigate and with the click of the mouse you can see the list of portfolios open up.

Online Chats : You don't have to waste your time meeting the every second guy and girl you like by seeing their picture and information provided in the portfolio. Before meeting the guy or girl in person, you can chat with them online at the marriage portal itself. You can ask them all sort of questions which you are curious to know, and if you think you would like to proceed further, you can think about meeting the shortlisted candidates in person.

Those days have totally disappeared when alliances were sealed in childhood and the bride and groom only saw each other for the first time on the wedding day. The modern generation has snatched this freedom from the old and orthodox, and their right to choose a life partner for themselves. And considering the fact that though people have less time to spare, at the same time they also do not want to make a wrong decision, the online matrimonial sites have become a huge success.