The mesmerizing scent of flowers, sparkling jewelry, excited parents and anxious bride and groom, all these things are the part of great Indian wedding. One should not miss the celebration that comes once in a life time and brightens the future. Marriage is something for which bride, groom and their parents look forward for a long time. Everyone makes a vision of how they actually want to celebrate a wedding in the family and the foremost thing to decide upon before making decision about the same is your budget. It totally depends on how the wedding should be simple, elegant or an elaborated event. Here, we are providing some simple tips that will help you in planning out a cost effective wedding budget, which will help you in weaving out the emotions of a wedding day without making any compromise with your wishes.

  • Talk to your would be spouse and their parents about what kind of wedding they want. Making decisions about the decoration, flowers, food, venue, invitations, clothing, etc. after discussion with the spouse will make things easier for you.
  • Prepare a list of things required and things to do. Consider taking services of a wedding consultant as they can prove to be a good help in making decisions about the location, decoration, menu, entertainment, photography and many more in a cost effective way.
  • It is advisable to prioritize your list according to what are the most important things for you and what are the areas where you can save money without sacrificing your wishes. Dividing budget according to your priorities will help you at the time of shopping and restrict you from over-spending on less important things.
  • Don't make hasty decisions and start purchasing from only one vendor. Visit few vendors before making the final purchase decision and compare their prices. Purchase things from vendor that offers good quality products at affordable prices.
  • Maintain record of all the purchases you made along with your estimated budget and the actual money you spend for each item. Keep all the bills, vouchers, receipts, etc. safely with you for future considerations.
  • Review the budget after every purchase for keeping things into sync and maintaining your budget line. Incase you overspend on one thing try to cut the cut the cost of other favors, which can take backseat in your wedding plan.

    Following these simple tips, planning ahead and organizing well will not only anticipate trouble but also make you enjoy the wedding day to the fullest.