The institution of marriage brings a set of duties and responsibilities along with it. To enjoy a cheerful and a peaceful married life, it is requisite to understand each other and share each other's responsibilities. Sharing responsibilities is the sure shot way to avoid conflicts. There are certain set of duties that are required to be followed by both husband and the wife for a successful matrimonial alliance.

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Are you married? Or you are about to get married?
If yes, then, you must go through this article for better understanding of your responsibilities and duties towards your partner.

What is expected from an ideal wife?
You are expected to be a perfectionist. You are the better half of your husband and it is mandatory for you to keep all his secrets and never reveal the financial status of your family. You are expected to do all the household chores like cleaning, cooking, washing, etc.

As an obedient wife, you must worship your husband as god and accept him with all his disabilities like if his blind, lame, sick, impotent, etc. A good wife must stand as a pillar of strength with his husband to support him and protect him from negativity. A good wife must give her husband a sound, well-balanced, happy and enduring family.

What is expected from an ideal husband?
You are bound to protect your wife and give her a secure future both financially and emotionally. The wives should not be always be burdened with all the household chores; at times you can share her work to make her feel good. It is always good to take your wife for outings and short trips to relive her from the burden and everyday responsibilities. This can strengthen your bond of care and love. Understanding your wife and being with her even in the worse of situations is what is expected from you.

Beside understanding and following the above mentioned set of duties separately, a couple must establish an effective two-way communication with each other. And for a successful marriage, you should must be honest towards your partner and open enough to share your feelings so that your partner is aware of how you feel for him/her. It is necessary to be a good listener and understand each other's thoughts and options. Make sure not to let your ego come in the way of your blissful marriage.