Sure your marriage is keeping you happy, after all that’s what everyone seeks for while tying the knot with the love of their life. The associated comfort and the bliss of leading a meaningful life is what entices the bachelors and single people out there to change their path, but how this comfort is affecting the health of the married couples is what you need to know. A study revealed that marriage might be good for your soul and mind, but it adds on few extra pounds to your waistline. Yes, you read that right, the high BMI rates in married individuals exhibited that the couples are not healthier in every aspect. Want to know more? Read Further to get an insight into what the researchers found out.

Married Couples Have Higher BMI :
According to a recent study done by the university of Basel and Max Plank Institute for Human Development, a difference of 2 Kgs has been found in an average male and a female after getting hitched. The survey done over 10,226 people in the 9 European Cities revealed a difference of extra 4.5 pounds in a 5-foot 11-inch male and 5-foot 5-inch women. The Body mass Index of a single male was found to 25.7 while in married men the BMI crossed the bar of 26.3. Following the similar pattern, the BMI rate in single women was found to be 25.1 compared to the 25.6 in the married women.

Somewhat similar study was conducted in 2003 by Forza supplements in the year 2003. The study done on 1000 people exhibited the sudden gain of around two Kgs in the first year of marriage. What shocked more was the increase in the weight gain to 6 Kgs as the marriage reached to its 4th year. The two studies clearly show that the love might be good for the heart and mind, but it is causing some serious effect on the health of the married love birds.

The Weight is Going up in Tandem :
The other thing that stunned the researchers was that the weight of both males and the females after marriage is going up in sync. It clearly signifies that the couples are letting the things get out of their hands together, if one-half is taking his/her health lightly, so is their significant other doing.

But doesn’t that mean the day one of them will decide to diet, the other half will follow it?

Comfort is the Cause :
More than 72% of the couple agrees to the fact that the will and pressure to stay fit was way more before getting settled with someone. The studies have also pointed to the fact that becoming too content with someone is affecting the health of the married couples aversely. The less pressure to look attractive when you are not seeking for someone along with staying in for long and snacking without exercising was found to be the main reasons why the married couples are losing it.

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The study done by the Max Plank Institute directed focus to a critical issue that most of the couples ignore. The high BMI rates in individuals often lead to increasing in the number of different chronic diseases and heart problems. Does that mean one have to stay single in order to enjoy a healthy being? No, not at all! With little care and exercise you easily could easily shed the extra inches that marriage might have added on before it is too late.