A period of solace and harmony that occurs immediately after marriage is called as Honeymoon. Honeymooning after marriage has become a trend these days. Couples in quest of adventure, fun and peace away from the hustle bustle of city life go for honeymoon. Whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage, couples need some time to know each other and share an eternal bond of love. This calls for an outing or a short trip where they can get intimate and explore each other.

Going on a honeymoon trip allows a couple to start their married life on a happy note. There they can mingle with each other and enjoy the period of their togetherness. Moreover, they make new memories that they can cherish forever. The destination for honeymoon is mutually decided by both bride and the groom. Besides, it is even advisable that you both should decide the destination in coordination with each other, so that you both can enjoy and visit the place where you have always dreamt of. Also, make your bookings prior to your visit in order to avoid any last minute changes.

Ideal Honeymooning Destinations
India is a land of diversity and it offers a plethora of honeymoon destinations where couples can visit after marriage. From Kerala to paradise on earth i.e. Kashmir, till hot and romantic Goa, India makes the perfect honeymooners land. Besides, it is one such land where guest is treated next to God as it is commonly said Athithi Devo Bhav.

So, take a stroll amidst the backwaters of Kerala or on a beach in Goa or rest with your spouse for the entire day at a spa. But make sure that you live your entire life to the fullest in these days as a honeymoon comes only once in a lifetime.