The title of this article might sound a bit different from what we are used to listen. The first half of the title "marriages are made in heaven" is a most frequently used phrase, but you may feel uneasy to get agreed with the second part "meetings arranged on net" Not much but just 15 to 20 years ago, marriage and specially selection of bride or groom,was an issue which was completely controlled by relatives, parents and friends. It would not be hyperbolic if we say that these kind of marriages were not less than a gamble. There were very limited resources to find the Prince or Princess of one's dreams. The chain of relatives and friends groups were the only modes to search perfect spouse. There was a huge scope for misunderstandings and doubts, as usually only the mediocre used to interact with both the parties, till marriage. Even sometime it was also difficult to find a suitable match as per the one's expectations.

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This typical trend of searching a perfect life partner is almost over now. The initial change happened when people starts advertising with the help of print media. People found it easier to place an matrimonial ad in leading news paper and magazines, where they can mention their specifications and expectations. The responses were quite huge in numbers but still there was a gap for misinterpretation. Specially the interaction of bride n groom was not happening in this so called modern way. Apart from this, use of hyperbolic language was extremely in practice. As well it is a time consuming process, at times people don't find any satisfactory proposal even after spending hours of newspaper reading.

We all know that how Internet has changed our life style. Internet is a huge collection of informations, which can be accessed by just pushing a finger on mouse. Emergence of Internet has brought perfect solution for all above mention hurdles of matrimonial issues. The idea of most latest trend of matrimonial search was conceived by Internet and named as on line matrimonial services. On line matrimonial services are available on various websites. To avail the services of these matrimonial websites, one has to get registered with the site.

Unlike earlier generation, today boys and girls have out of the line expectations. Current generation doesn't believe in same ideal frames of Bride or Groom. Today they believe in realistic characters , which is really appreciable. Online matrimonial services are quite capable to comprehend with specific expectations of jet aged youngsters. These on line matrimonial services are designed in such a way that without wasting time one can select the only suitable profiles and then sort them as per his/ her expectations. At the first glance you can see the personal and professional details and photographs too. The details of horoscope, hobbies, interest, life priorities, and dis likings can also be accessed on a single click. On line matrimonial services also create a highly comfortable interaction between both the parties. Liked profiles can be connected for further discussions. Some on line matrimonial services also offer on line massaging facilities. With advancement in technologies few sites nowadays allows one to chat on line directly with preferred profiles.

Easy accessibility, numberless options, speedy process , time saving and highly interactive approach are few features of on line matrimonial services. On line matrimonial service providers have shown their concern for the authenticity of the claims being made and verify all the profiles. This has added a safety advantage to registered members.