marry the complicated girl

“Clementine – You know, I am impulsive Joel- That’s what I love about you” - Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind

She won’t need you like a damsel in distress. She won’t ever put her needs aside. She’s the girl that will turn your world upside down, but it will be worth it. Yes, if the girl you are with compels you to jump off the sidewalk and leave you robbed of your comfort zone then she is the “one”. Unlike the easy lover, the complicated girl with a whirlwind persona will teach you things that are better learned through the harsh situations. She will teach you to appreciate things before it is too late and work hard to earn the things you want in a relationship. At times, she’ll outsmart you and offer you a cold shoulder but you would still want to head back to her at the dusk of everything. The best part, she will be the craziest, demanding and impulsive of all you have ever seen or met, but you will love her every second, every moment.

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What follows is a bunch of reasons why you should consider marrying a complicated girl over the calm seas and smooth sailing.

She Wants It All : She is complicated and confused most of the times because she wants everything. She might have a tendency to leave because staying at one place would mean missing out on something else. Her dreams are bigger and farfetched, but she is not afraid to follow them. You will always be in a fear to lose her away to something or someone and that will bring out the best in you every time intentionally or unintentionally.

She’s a Challenge : She is a mystery that will keep you guessing half of the time. She will push you away and drive you crazy. She’ll not be as comely as the girls you find every next door, but that’s all you will ever need. She’ll teach you to fight for the things you want and put you through challenges every moment just to evolve you into a better person.

She’ll Make You Better
: She’s demanding, she’ll never settle for something she didn’t want. That’s why she will always keep reminding how she pictures you like and tell you honestly what you are lacking. It won’t be easy, but you will love her even more every time you’ll see the results of those constant reminders.

She’ll Fight But for Your Good : She’ll put up fights over unnecessary issues all the time. She’ll fight because she cares and it will be for your own god. The thing with complicated girls is they won’t just simply smile and let you do what you want. They have their dreams and opinion and will never be afraid to put them forward even if it leads to a heated argument.

She’ll Outsmart You Many times : Complicated girls are creative and most of the time there will be too much going in their head. Losing on an argument or a discussion will not be easy but it will be satisfying. A woman smarter than you will piss you off at times, but it will turn you into a patient and an improved individual.

She’s The Girl Who Doesn’t Settle for Mediocre : She knows what she wants and is not afraid to walk away in a minute if she isn’t getting what she desires. The complicated girl will scare you off because she knows what she deserves. She will always strive for better and won’t let you back down in tough situations.

She’ll Teach You to Not Take Things for Granted : It will look like she’s there and then she’ll disappear. The complicated girl will be harder to lock down. The moment you will think you have tamed her; she’ll make you think otherwise. She’ll make you earn the things you want from her and this quality of her will make you understand the value of little things in life. She’ll make you learn to not take things for granted and keep making efforts if you want her with you. A simple and sweet lady that agrees to everything you say and try her best to avoid the arguments will be easy to find and easier to keep. A complicated girl will make a mess out the situation because she strives for nothing but the best. She will fight with you and compel you to be better life partner. That will be the reward of being with a girl everybody else is afraid of.

The impulsive one, the one that’s hard to tame.