With marriage being an affair that is celebrated with great pomp and fanfare across diverse cultures, it is no surprise that there are different customs & traditions that are unique to different countries. Some customs may be adorable, others may surprise you, while yet others may just sound weird, but all of these customs have a deeper meaning attached & if you go deep enough, you may actually discover the ultimate reason & you will be surprised by how much sense it makes.

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A Glance At Some Unique Matrimonial Customs
With the world becoming a global place, the matrimonial customs and traditions across different cultures have got mixed and newer & modern versions have emerged. It would not be surprising to find some common traditions shared by two different countries today. Some of the heartwarming matrimonial customs are mentioned below :

  • Post an English wedding, there is a custom wherein the groom carries the bride over the threshold of their new house. This is to protect the bride from the evil spirits that are supposedly lying in wait at the threshold of the house.
  • According to Dutch tradition, a pine tree (symbolizing fertility & good luck) is planted outside the newly married couple's home.
  • You must have often heard the saying among the Americans brides - Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, Something New (all of this is supposed to be part of the bride's wedding trousseau). The blue color symbolizes purity, while the old stands for continuity with the past.
  • In a Christian wedding ceremony, the bride always stands to the groom's left side. The whole idea behind this setting was to leave the groom's right hand free to fight off the bride's suitors.
  • Among the French, there is matrimonial custom wherein the friends and family members of the couple gather in the evening & make loud noises (by clanging pots, utensils & bells). This mayhem continues until the newlywed couple comes out and provides the guests with refreshments.
  • The guests at German weddings often witness the arrival of a special guest, that of a chimney sweep (who also carries a horse shoe & four leafed clover). This is considered a symbol of good luck.
  • In Malaysian weddings, all the attending guests are given a hardboiled egg each. These beautifully decorated eggs are considered to be a symbol of fertility.
  • Jewish wedding cards are a unique alternative to the traditional wedding card which invites the guests to grace the occasion with their presence, rather the Jewish wedding cards invites the guests to dance at the eve of the couple's wedding party.

There are many other customs followed across different countries; whatever be the custom the basic idea behind it is to bless the couple & to wish them a wonderful life ahead.