Buddhist Wedding: A Union of Simplicity and Elegance
Weddings are a time of joy and happiness. Two people and their families come together as one and take a step towards a bright, promising future. Weddings bring to mind a colorful, loud and bright picture. The music, the well adorned halls, the merry guests, the lavish feasts, the bright lights and in the center of it all, the significant and meaningful wedding rituals.[...]

Revive Your Marriage With Marriage Counseling Marriage celebrates coming together of two individuals who take a step into a new world filled with promises, dreams and hopes. Somewhere down the road, the couple loses sight of these and starts to feel strain and pressure. To survive this tumult in the relationship, they either rely on their own mental strength or in some cases; the help of an experienced professional often helps put ideas back into perspective.[...]

How To Find The Right Wedding Caterer?
Indian Marriages are all about rituals, dance, music, and food! Yes, it is true. Our weddings are incomplete without scrumptious delicacies. Be it a South Indian Wedding Party or a Wedding Bash taking place somewhere in North India- a mouth watering menu is a must. Thus, professional Food Caterers are hired to take care of the food and beverages needs of the wedding celebration.[...]

The Joyful Ritual Of Sangeet Any celebration is incomplete without dancing and singing. In Indian wedding ceremonies as well, dancing and singing from a part of the entire celebration and rituals. No matter in which region or culture the wedding takes place, there has to be some dancing before the auspicious wedding night. Beats Of The Sangeet Ceremony In India,[...]

Manipuri Wedding A Traditional Event Filled With Color, Joy & Love
The love the Manpuris have for their culture is inevitable as they are known for their vibrant personalities and pleasant aura. All the traditions and customs of the tribes of Manipur are associated with color and grandeur. Same is associated with the Manipuri Wedding as well.[...]

Nothing Like A Punjabi Wedding!
The Punjabis, known for their laughter, liveliness and of course , the bhangra, know how to pull every stop when it comes to celebrating. And what can be a better occasion to celebrate than a family wedding? Traditional Punjabi marriage is splendid occasion of celebration with of plentiful fun & frolic and several interesting rituals.[...]

Pros And Cons Of Matrimonial Sites
There would hardly be anyone who has not thought about or made plans for his/her dream-come-true day. Yes, we're talking about wedding day here. Wedding is, undoubtedly, an auspicious occasion that comes along with happiness and starts a new phase of life for both bride and groom; the happiness that lasts forever and the phase[...]

Wedding Nail Art: The Latest Trend For Brides!
From the vibrant to the most elegant ones, from the colorful to the most decent ones, from the sparkling to the simplest ones, there is an extensive collection of wedding nail art ideas which a bride-to-be can actually choose from. Let The Floral Acrylics Bloom! Acrylic flowers are the trendiest wedding nail art idea these[...]