Special Moments In Indian Wedding Ceremonies
The first thought about a Big Fat Indian wedding that strikes our mind is a grand gala affair celebrated with full fun and grandeur. Indian weddings are an elaborate affair and include many interesting rituals and ceremonies that brighten up the whole
atmosphere. You must be aware of pre-wedding ceremonies i.e. the Mehndi and Haldi ceremony[...]

Indian Wedding Barat: A Grand Affair
Weddings in India are known for being magnificent and the Wedding Procession or Barat' is the highlight of these beautiful events. Showcasing the joy of the Groom's family, the Barat' consists of many different elements that are almost as majestic as the wedding itself. The variation existing in the diverse cultures of India is reflected at times in the Baraat' ceremonies[...]

Getting Engaged Tackle the First 3 Steps of Wedding Planning
Unfortunately for the women at the time of their wedding are very nervous and are full of anxiety. After you are done with your engagement it is time to set a date and announce it to your family, friends, and relatives. And, do believe! It will be a cracking news. The below listed are the three crucial steps which one should need to implement for planning a wedding[...]

Tips for Couples to Save Before Marriage
Every new couple hopes to have the unique ideal marriage ceremony in which they are surrounded by their close spouse, close friends, relatives. They also want each and everything to go just as they have planned. One of the key causes of stress and troubles connected with planning a wedding is the huge amount of money which is used in weddings[...]

5 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers and Dcor
Wedding is one of the grand occasions of your life. But it is grand in its nature and also in terms of the expenditure involved. Still, it is possible to plan an awesome and stylish wedding event while saving your costs along the way. This write-up contains five smart steps through which you can easily cut down the wedding expenses to a reasonable extent while making[...]

10 Common Wedding Reception Mistakes
Wedding Day is th e most special and memorable day in any individual's life. Not only the wedding day; all the functions before and after the ceremony hold a special place in the memories for the times to come. It is the day when you have the time to actually meet your friends and relatives as the wedding day is very hectic for the bride and groom might[...]

Wedding Day DOs and DONTs
The Wedding Day is the most special event in anybody's life as it can change a person's life forever. Keeping in mind the significance attached to this day all the preparations should me made well in advance so that no mishaps occur on the grand day. Here are some tips on what should be done and what should not be done on the wedding day so that you can enjoy to the fullest[...]

Church Wedding Decoration Ideas
Wedding is one of the most cherished events of anyone's life. Planning a wedding sometimes and especially of the decoration, looks like a task of excitement and sometimes of anxiety or tension. A good option is to hire a professional person for your help and share your ideas & needs with them to work out together for making your wedding day exceptional[...]

Inter Caste Marriages A Changing Scenario
Inter caste marriages are known to break the barriers. Times have changed and so have the people! To marry a person in India belonging to a different caste or religion is no more a matter of life and death anymore. An Inter Caste Marriage as the name suggests, is a union between the people of two different castes. Here people get married with or without changing their caste or religion[...]