Get A Traditional And Classy Look With Bridal Sarees Sarees form the traditional attire for most Indian women at the time of their wedding. A perfectly worn sari gives the bride a traditionally beautiful appearance on her wedding day. Along with beautiful contemporary designs, traditional sarees still hold relevance for a modern day marriage. High class brands nowadays release unique and varied collections of[...]

Oriya Wedding Rituals A typical Oriya Wedding reflects the simplicity and beauty of the lifestyle of people residing in Orissa. An Oriya Wedding resembles common Hindu ceremonies, yet is different in many aspects. The most astonishing fact about Oriya Wedding is that the groom's mother doesn't take part in the ceremonies and rituals of the wedding.[...]

Tips For Wedding Shopping! Every person enjoys shopping! And for a celebration as big as wedding, shopping just cant get more interesting! It is one of the most fun-filled parts of any wedding preparation. But, with enjoyment, comes the responsibility of buying all the necessities within the stipulated time frame.[...]

Top Indian Wedding Destinations! India, known for its unique culture and warm hospitality, has gained prominence as a wedding destination in recent times. These days, it's not just Indians who have keen desire to get married in the home country but foreigners too can't resist themselves to look forward to this spectacular country as their Wedding Venue.[...]

Best Ways To Bring Spice In Your Married Life! When you were 'just-married', everything seemed rosy and exciting in life. But as the years passed by, nothing remained the same. Marital Life took an opposite turn inform of monotonous routine and there was nothing to enliven it! No doubt that you still love your partner but most of the times it seems as if the romance has left your marriage.[...]

Ways to Secure your Matrimonial Profiles! Most of the matrimonial service providers and websites require every kind of private information, like date of birth, last name, remarriage, or divorce; along with most sensitive ones like photo albums. Members of matrimonial portals upload their complete personal information to their matrimonial profile.[...]

Help Your Failing Marriage Survive Marriage is a lifetime affair which requires utmost adjustment from both the sides. In order to have a happy married life, you must learn to live with the negative and positive aspects of your life partner. It's natural that everyone has a different nature and attitude and adjusting with these dissimilarities is what makes marriage[...]

Unique Parsi Wedding Ceremony! A Parsi wedding is full of fun-filled customs that one enjoys while observing. The rituals are primarily divided into pre wedding, wedding and post wedding basis. Rituals of Pre-wedding phase: Some time before the marriage, the bride and groom go through the Nahan ritual.[...]