Bengali Traditional Wedding, A Host Of Activities

The tying of the nuptial knot in traditional Bengali wedding entails a series of elaborate and colorful rituals. The Bengali wedding is an elaborate and long affair. The wedding rituals spans the period of three days, which includes pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. [...]

Tips To Select The Right Wedding Caterer For Your Wedding Party

Wedding is the most beautiful and joyous occasion in the life of both the bride and groom. It is an event, which is celebrated with full fun and frolic. Everybody wants to make this day special and therefore exorbitant amount of money is spent on the venue and the decoration. [...]

Finger Buffet- The Perfect Scrumptious Menu For Your Wedding!

Is it the dawn of the hour when you need to plan your dream wedding? Has the time of your wedding come swirling in? Very little time is on hand to bask upon your engagement glow..if this is so then it's time to kick start the wedding preparations. A classy Finger Buffet offers the guest a chance to relish varied cuisine. [...]

The Must Do's Prior To Your Wedding

So you've decided to take the plunge and the day is soon to arrive when you tie your conjugal knot. For many wedding becomes a nerve-racking affair. We all have heard of grooms / brides fainting near the altar, etc. For sure you would not want any such event on the special day. [...]

Tips To A Successful Marriage

When couples enter the sanctity of marriage, they are filled with hope for a future full of love and laughter. A newly-married couple is so engrossed with each other, that sharing, understanding and compromise becomes the order of the day with the only goal of making each other happy and contented. [...]

Matrimonial Portals: Changing the Scenario Of Arranging Marriages

The tradition of arranging a marriage has seen many transformations down the ages. Earlier it was the responsibility of a close relative or a priest to give information of the prospective Brides and Grooms. But in the modern age, matchmaking is taking place
through newspapers and even internet, providing a much wider platform for boys and girls of all cultures, age groups, etc. [...]

Budgeting Tips for Wedding

Marriage unites two individuals and heralds the beginning of a new and joyous phase in the life of a couple. But the delights of a wedding ceremony can only be enjoyed if one is not concerned over the payment of the bills incurred regarding the various events and aspects associated with the ceremony. [...]

Indian Wedding Cards: Blending Culture and Creativity

Wedding Cards are the perfect way to announce to the whole world that the would-be bride and groom are finally ready to tie the nuptial knot. Every couple wants their wedding card to look unique and elegant. Hence, these cards are exquisitely designed and in-fact set the tone for this big event in an individual's life. [...]

Study of Stars Essential to Determine Marriage Compatibility

There is a popular saying that "marriages are made in heaven" but the matches made in heaven are consummated on earth. Marriage is a not a legal contract but a sacred knot that ties two individuals with each other for a lifetime. Therefore, for any marriage to work, it's important that you have a high degree of compatibility with the partner whom you are ready to share your entire life with. [...]