How To Rekindle Your Wife's Love
Let's face it at the outset. It is not easy. With the hundreds of guides starting with "How To", at least a dozen must be on how to get your wife's love back. Some of them speak about the ways that you can surprise her, while others focus on the merits of appreciations [...]

Know When To End A Relationship
Love, attractions, and infatuations are feelings which do not follow established rules of logic. You can never be sure about when or with whom you would get attracted to or when someone gets attracted to you. It is love's refusal to fall into the patterns of logic which has left many an individual in unsavory relationships for far longer than they should have [...]

Can One Mend a Relationship After Cheating
The most unfortunate thing that can happen to someone in a steady, committed relationship is betrayal. For ones who may have experienced this feeling personally, the feeling might not even be describable, let alone doing something about it. The reason behind this could lie in the unexpected truth that surrounds a person on being faced with it [...]

Symbols Associated With Matrimony
The bond of matrimony is one of the most sacred bonds one can share. Matrimony links two people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One's spouse is someone one goes back home to, looks forward to talk to, share joys, sorrows, insecurities, doubts, apprehensions, fears, and so much more [...]