Online Matrimonial Sites And Their Relevance InIndia
With western influence playing a major role in every aspect of our lives, a typical Indian family too has undergone a vast makeover. At one time, not too long ago, a typical Indian family was generally a joint one, with the parents and kids and their respective families all staying together [...]

Rituals In OriyaWedding
An Oriya Wedding reflects the culture of the people of Orissa and takes place over several days. Though a few rituals in Oriya Weddings differ as per the caste for e.g. Brahmins conduct it during day time and others during evening or night time but most of the rituals are the same [...]

Hindu Matrimony Online: Finding A Soul Mate Was Never ThisEasy!

Hindu Matrimony is an elaborate affair and no matter what the caste, matchmaking requires immense effort to zero in on the perfect person. While this process was entirely managed by elders in the family and matchmaking middlemen in the earlier times, a lot of people are switching to online medium for finding a soul mate or if they are parents then a suitable boy/girl for their children [...]

Online Matrimonial Profile: A Mirror To YourPersonality
So you have decided to register on an Online Matrimonial Website. Then the first thing that you have to do is create a Matrimonial Profile that will be seen by hundreds of prospective brides/grooms or their parents. To say that you need to make a good impression would be an understatement here [...]