Fix Your Marriage by Just aClick
The heading "Fix Your Marriage by just a click" is a thumping statement on how internet has been able to penetrate into our lives and in molding the ways by which we make even the most crucial decisions. A decade ago, such a statement would have garnered no more than laughter bursts but today, this has real substance to it [...]

How To Be A HappyCouple
Well, if you think that there is a patent formula or a set of rules that can make you a "Happy Couple", you may be oversimplifying things. Married life is not governed by rules and laws but by a mutual admiration of the relationship that the couple shares. The day you learn to value your relationship and your better half, you will make a Happy Couple; there are no additional efforts, counseling or training required; let me assure you [...]

Mistakes to Avoid While Planning aWedding
Wedding day holds a very special place in one's life; it ought to be just perfect. But for a reminder, here perfection requires extensive planning. You cannot just randomly select dates and location and presume everything to go the way you imagined. There are a number of aspects that need to be carefully planned before execution so that your special day truly remains special in every sense [...]

Selecting a WeddingPlanner
As the clich goes, you ought to be a professional to do something superlatively well. Wedding Planning is certainly not an exception to this. If you want your wedding ceremony to be just perfect right from decoration to catering stuff, it's better to hire a professional Wedding Planner. Professional assistance will keep things very organized and under control all the time. Here are a few guidelines you must remember when selecting a Wedding Planner [...]