Hair Styling: To Look Stunning On Special Occasions Like Proms &Wedding
For women, looking good does not call for any occasion, but special occasions like Proms &Weddings do justify exceptional measures, since these are once-in-lifetime events. These special moments would be duly preserved in cameras and handycams & these memories would be referred to time and again [...]

Matrimonial Customs Across DiverseCultures
With marriage being an affair that is celebrated with great pomp and fanfare across diverse cultures, it is no surprise that there are different customs & traditions that are unique to different countries. Some customs may be adorable, others may surprise you, while yet others may just sound weird, but all of these customs have a deeper meaning attached & if you go deep enough [...]

Patience The Key To Finding MrRight
Mr Right The dream of every woman out there, whatever country she hails from, whichever language she speaks, irrespective of whether she is in late 20s or early 40s. Mr Right the one guy that defines the search of every woman across the globe, who is looking for a partner to settle down with, or fall in love with [...]

Tips On How To Stop Your CheatingHusband
Marriage is a relationship based on trust, mutual respect & love. Unfortunately, when a partner cheats, all the trust and love goes out of window. So what does a woman do when she finds out that her husband has been cheating on her all this time [...]